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Dishes and Drinks in 100 Patates - Metz-Centre

Restaurant features

great location great service lunch live music friendly staff kids' menu dinner


parfait mousse crumble chocolate lava cake cakes pudding chocolate cake dame blanche moelleux sorbet ice cream che fruitcake pastry brioches café liégeois


coffee champagne beer wine chocolate vietnamese iced tea soda lemonade


fondue meat escalope schnitzels raclette cheese carpaccio camembert casserole hamburgers burgers completo steaks roti cordon bleu succulent steak entrecote beef sandwiches quiche taters volaille tartines tartare laing foie gras fries fried camembert frita tartiflette op la galettes mashed potatoes pork ham ramen grillades sausages salads turkey poultry champ pepperoni fried cheese prosciutto salami cheese fondue pizza bao mole gratin dauphinois filet américain dumplings lasagna causa double burger pasty hash browns misir fish fillet choucroute salmon grilled salads caesar salad salmon steaks andouille fish grilled entrecote fillet steak
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