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Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester photo
Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester photo
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Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester photo
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Park Ln, W1K 1QA
London, England, United Kingdom
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Come for a meal after visiting Mount Street Gardens. This restaurant serves French cuisine. Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester guarantees you the delicious chocolate dessert, good red lobster and memorable cheese plate. The most exciting dish is the great fish. Invite your comrades with you to enjoy the excellent wine and awesome cocktail. You should keep in mind that many guests consider the service impeccable. You are to pay a great price for the food quality and service. You will like the beautiful decoration. It's a three-star Michelin restaurant that is worth a special trip. The restaurant received 5 red knife-and-fork symbols, which means the Michelin experts declare that Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester gives a taste of real luxury.

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On our recent trip to London, my wife and I were excited to have booked a reservation at Alain Ducasse.  After all,  a 3 Michelin star restaurant in the heart of London is an experience one does not encounter often.  We kept vigil over the availability of online booking for literally 6 months in planning this event until we were able to place our reservation request.  Granted,  this seems excessive but such was our desire to make sure that we did not squander an opportunity for a fine night out. Our night started well.  We both ordered the tasting menu as we are apt to do in restaurants of this caliber.  Initially, the service was what you would expect,  attentive and overlapping bordering on the excessive.  Normally, this isn't our expectation but premium service is a defining characteristic of a Michelin starred restaurant and I would be hard pressed to accept any argument that asserted to the contrary.  So. . . The meal begins.  A seven course meal and we are moving along nicely.  The first four courses are all wonderful.  I have no complaints in that regard.  Sure the sommelier seemed a bit put out that we were going to choose our own bottle of wine but it wasn't a big deal.  Had she been a bit quicker tho the table maybe her opinion would have been considered but when you have already ordered the meal, perused the entire wine list, and come to a consensus at the table on your selection.before that consultations comes; well let's just say that if we are happy with our decision it shouldn't matter to her. Well then, as the last three courses are coming out we start to notice a deceleration in our service.  The dishes are coming out slower and we are spending more and more time waiting for the next.  They are still wonderful dishes and I have no issue still in that regard.  We finish our wine and the glasses disappear.  Nobody asks whether we would like to have another bottle but fine, as more time goes by probably not going to happen anyway.  Then all the water is gone and nobody bothers to address that problem.  Finally, we  are done and it's time to settle up and get home.  It's been 3 hours since we started and it's time.   Now we sit for over 30 minutes.  We never see a server.  We literally sit there and wait and wait and wait.   I find it difficult at this point to adequately communicate how we felt.  Imagine you are dressed up and out on the town.  It's a special date with a special person for which you are paying a not insignificant price.  You go to these kind of establishments with expectations that they will provide that sort of special experience and they damn well know it.  Sitting abandoned in the dark corner of that restaurant it's hard not to feel as if maybe you have just been silly to have had such high expectations for the evening and maybe you just don't rate the treatment that presumably everybody else received while they were earning those stars. Well, I would have flagged down somebody if I had the opportunity but finally I just got up and went to go find somebody.  I think it was obvious I was unhappy and what I hear is well sometimes people like to sit after a meal.  Sure.  I suppose that does happen when they are being attended to, but when you are sitting there with empty glasses and plates and no sever has bothered to know what you are wanting or needing it's a tough argument to sell.  A bit of contrition would have been appropriate but whatever. So in summary,  Alain Ducasse your food is great but your service sucked.  It sucked to the point that I just wrote a novella describing how and why it sucked although I doubt anybody will have made it this far.  You don't earn Michelin stars and get to make any excuses for anything less than perfection in your execution.  Given the attention we spent in researching you and making our booking, it would have been nice to see some reciprocation of effort.
The chef's gifts of pate choux and fish soup were superb. I had the heirloom tomatoes and they are very nice, but not what I expected. They arrive in a bowl with a lattice work of bread and have been baked with cheese. The beef was was perfectly cooked perfectly and was paired with artichokes. To ordered a chocolate dessert that was very rich with I cream. My companions all got the baba with rum and were raving over it
A lifetime experience! I have never enjoyed a meal more in my life! The service was impeccable the food was out of this world. The staff made myself and my family feel welcome in a beautiful atmosphere of gastronomy extraordinaire! The sommelier chose the perfect pairings for every plate we enjoyed . It was a night I will truly remember the rest of my life! Thank you so much for such an incredible evening!
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Park Ln, London, England, United Kingdom, W1K 1QA Get directions
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