BrimiBue Menu

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Dishes and Drinks in BrimiBue

Restaurant features

dinner cosy atmosphere lunch friendly staff great service outdoor seating family dinner great location kids' menu


crumble halva cakes che pudding


wine beer coffee juice moscato gin white wine spanish wine tea apple juice cider espresso


meat fish salads bread soup salmon hamburgers steaks burgers borsch soup fish soup trout cauliflower rioja wine self-service pasta cauliflower soup fillet steak baked potatoes folar roti carpaccio completo karbonade vegetable salad risotto tagliatelle pizza beef veal kos op la cheese fatteh pork broth truffle monkfish kare-kare duck potato soup stew caesar salad kebabs meatballs laing pölsa sausages poultry chicken ham laksa marinated herring daurade cod spring rolls rolls chicken rolls cashew chicken
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