Canvas Cove Bistro menu

Dishes and Drinks in Canvas Cove Bistro


blueberry pie ice cream cakes croissants cheesecake biscuits cookies chocolate cake pumpkin pie brownies blueberry muffins sorbet dessert cookies new york cheesecake cinnamon rolls


wine coffee chocolate beer tea house wine whiskey


pies fish seafood cod mussels crabs spaghetti meat chowder pasta ceviche fish soup salads poultry chicken soup fried chicken chicken stir-fry caesar salad prawns seafood chowder brisket scallops beef pork lobster rolls sandwiches seafood soup cheese completo tacos lobster salad rice scallop ceviche grilled cod beef brisket salmon wrap burgers seafood salad salmon rolls kale caesar salad butter croissant fried crabs partridge shrimp salad chicken sandwiches smoked fish broth lobsters salmon crab legs stew chicken salads fried mussels seafood stew salad rolls rashers sweet & sour chicken rigatoni potato soup penne pasta chicken pies chickpeas cheese rolls fried rice
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