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Restaurant features

takeaway food delivery great location great service friendly staff


tofu toast chicken fried rice chicken curry fried chicken fries beef chow mein gat fried rice crackers roasted chicken chicken meat beef cheese rice duck pork seafood fish lemon chicken sour chicken oysters sticky beef seasonal soup fried oysters meatballs crispy beef ribs king prawns potato chips singapore noodles chow mein vegetable curry egg fried rice fried prawns fried eggs chicken satay crispy duck chicken skewers vegetable noodles ginger chicken bBQ ribs pepper chicken duck roll chicken meatballs curry chips sweet fries shrimps & fries fried mushrooms prawn crackers poultry prawns sweet & sour chicken satay duck spring rolls shrimp toast pasta soup onigiri spring rolls ginger beef shrimp chips fried vegetables chicken and rice completo


wine tea bubble tea
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