D&T Seafood Restaurant menu

Dishes and Drinks in D&T Seafood Restaurant

Restaurant features

takeaway great service dinner friendly staff lunch breakfast great location


ice cream blueberry pie shortbread cookies cookies pastry blueberry dessert cakes crumble


beer craft beer ice tea tea coffee


seafood fish fish & chips fries mussels chowder sandwiches salads seafood chowder breaded calamari blt breaded fish hamburgers mussel chowder steamed mussels calamari rings grilled cod lobster rolls tartare chicken soup poultry calamari burgers crabs coleslaw pies fish chowder cod lobster soup battered tempura tacos tempura chicken fingers caesar salad fish tacos bacon seafood soup partridge crab meat sweet fries pork fish nuggets lobster appetizer fish cakes salmon lobster sandwich meat oily fish fried mussels corn dogs homemade chips fried salmon fried fish hot dogs clam chowder crab legs cod fish and chips fried seafood white fish meat sandwich

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