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5100 Iroquois Ave Kapilina Beach Homes, 96706
Ewa Beach, Hawaii, USA
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Here you will be offered amazing sandwiches, prawns and awesome tacos. Many people come to try tasty ice cream. Fantastic gin is worth a try here. If you like fabulous coffee, don't miss the opportunity to try it.

You will have warm memories about this restaurant because it is well-known for its great service and friendly staff, that is always ready to help you. Delicious dishes at reasonable prices are provided here. At the moment, Yelp users rate Dlish At the Beach 4.

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Ok, so I have been a resident here at Kapilina well before D'lish or the beach park they serve at were ever present.   I've never caused a problem, I don't know anyone who stays to themselves as much as I do as a matter of fact.   A couple weeks ago in the evening, I go to order some soup at the snack bar. There's a young girl 23 yr old (Chelsea) working behind the counter.  I ask what the soup is and rudely told that it doesn't matter as they are out.  So I look down and decide just to grab an ice cream sandwich (they don't make these, just sell them but they are fantastic) so good choice at least (credit where credit is due).  Anyway, I ask for the sandwich and am then asked back by her... "the sandwich and salad"? I said no, just the ice cream sandwich.  She is confusing me now so... I grab a menu with a picture of the ice cream sandwich on it and say... "This one".  Now, there is music playing, it's loud.. I get it! That's why I then proceed to hold the picture up (of the ice cream sandwich).  This young lady smirks rudely at me and disappears to get the sandwich, tosses it on the counter and literally DROPS my change (coins) all over the counter.  Some of it even rolls off the counter on to the ground (Kapilina's social event coordinator, Laurie,  is standing to the right of me and witnesses all of this).   I pick up everything and depart and think nothing more about it.  I actually let this go!.... until tonight!  I walk back over across the street and am talking to someone else to the side of the snack bar and one of the owners of D'lish comes up to me and she says (and I quote) "hey, I heard you said F**k to one of my girls!"   Now, I don't swear at people.  I'm a retired career military field grade officer and certainly not going to be swearing at some girl.  That didn't happen, not even close (and there were witnesses).  But rather than ASKING me about an untrue story that was relayed ... I get approached in front of everyone with THAT accusation! Completely unprofessional!  :/ I asked to speak to this owner off to the side away from people (a courtesy she didn't afford me) and explained my issue with how she approached me as a business owner.  Her response was "that's just my Australian humor"!   Not funny at all!!   Again, if you are a business owner then you kind of need to respect the fact that other people may not get your sense of humor and maybe not lead with an accusation (without fact or merit).  How about ask me aside and ask a question instead of making a statement? (Especially one THAT inciting)  Novel idea. Apparently if you're not "in the club" here or apart of the "in-crowd", then you deserve RUDENESS!!!   I would consider this before coming for over priced food and drinks.  And watch out for rude staff behind the snack bar.  Wow. I didn't realize I had to put up with rudeness and lies for the more than $3000 I pay a month to stay here! On a positive note (even a negative review deserves one) the music is usually pretty good (at the beach park) and the events Kapilina puts on in the community are always super professional! I just wish D'lish lived up to the same professional standard. If Chelsea would care to apologize then I'd be happy to remove this entire review.  I'm reasonable. ***(edit)*** the owner finally came up and apologized to me for both her approach (sort of) but her accusation.  She went and re-engaged this Chelsea girl and surprise surprise, Chelsea admits she was DRUNK when she relayed the accounting to her boss (the owner who's now apologized).  So... Chelsea gets drunk, lies about Kapilina residents that have had a military career longer than she is old and still has a job there?? The kicker is that this Chelsea STILL refuses to apologize to me... and the owner is fine with that, despite her employee getting caught in a lie.  Wow.
Awesome food, location, people (and bloody marys). Love!
Nothing but good things to say. They are always changing up the menu and having special activities. So glad they're at Kapilina.
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5100 Iroquois Ave Kapilina Beach Homes, Ewa Beach, Hawaii, USA, 96706 Get directions
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TuesdayTue 08:00-17:00
WednesdayWed 08:00-17:00
ThursdayThu 08:00-17:00
FridayFri 08:00-17:00
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