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227-229 Bourke St
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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If you feel hungry after gazing at Collins Street Baptist Church, come to this restaurant to dine at. Chinese cuisine is served at Drumplings. Many guests say that waiters serve tasty cheeseburgers, bao and meat pies here. Enjoy nicely cooked apple crumble, lemon meringue and apple pie this place offers. Drink the delicious Sangria, mulled wine or coffee martini offered here. You will appreciate good jasmine tea, espresso or juice at this spot.

The convenient location of this restaurant makes it easy to reach even in rush hours. The waitstaff is said to be hospitable here. It is known as a place with spectacular decor. A number of Zomato users rate Drumplings 4.3.

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Yes, get those sticks ready (literally!) because at Drumplings you’ll be doing much more than just nibbles! You’ll have insane dribbles!

And guys, you don’t want to be late for the show that this place hosts because oh man, the food keeps coming on such a good beat! They sure made miso (me so) happy! Besides, I’m sure that you don’t know this but dumplings are supposed to have medicinal qualities! There is a legend that says that the creator of the first dumpling was a doctor that noticed that the people in his village had frostbitten ears during winter! So, because he didn’t want people to have deformed ears, he decided to create a food call dumplings and in the shape of ‘little ears’ and feed these to the villagers to try to heal them and fix their hearing!

Well, I’m not really sure if that’s just a legend or actually true because I can definitely hear my tummy growling louder for more of these drumplings, for sure!

The place is located at the CBD and in one of the main streets that I daily go through and just from the outside you can tell if looks promising. You get that feeling that you are about to enter a fairytale! And what a REAL fairytale it is! The outside has a massive dumpling symbol on the top and even the venue's logo is designed with a beautiful and archaic font. There is also a pink sign that looks wonderful in terms of abstract design and is definitely what I would expect for a high rated place like this one. Once you get through the doors the magic starts.

The decoration is impressive from the walls pink/salmon with some cute drawing to the entangled leaves falling from the ceiling and around the tables. The lights create an ambience that is very welcoming and mysterious at the same time and it is impossible not to fall in love with the place and start dreaming straight away.
And if that wasn't enough, just you wait until you walk down the main room and get to the courtyard that they have. I think I have never been so much in love with a place - it looks like you are inside a painted industrial factory! So many colours and so much positivity and energy and this is certainly a place that MANY MANY people will love to hang out during the summer and for some summer bao parties!

And not just that! Lead by head chef Jeremy Raven (that I had actually spoken to on the phone before trying to arrange some catering for an event), the menu is so well designed for all dietary requirements that their plant based options are all vegan (and not just vegetarians, so that it is easier for people to not have issues with dairy products!). They even feature a vegan bottomless brunch and the menu has been described as a mix between China Town and Willy Wonka vibes.

I was very well received by the staff and they kindly provided two large pins and flyers to start off and went through the menu with me, while I was waiting for my friend to arrive. I had heard and read about the cheeseburger dumplings and how decadent they were but unfortunately that wasn't a viable option for me due to the lactose content so I tried to stick mostly to their vegan options featuring just some of the most popular non-vegan ones. Here is what I ended up choosing for me and my friend (and OMG I should have asked for the crispy chicken baos right from the start, so DEFINITELY ask for them if you visit!)

- Moneybag Assortment - this is one of their most popular vegan meals not only because of the colour and instagramable looks but also for the variety and how incredibly the flavours and mixes have been created. The size of the dumplings isn't very big but then again, let me tell you that you wouldn't just ask for a single meal in this place. They actually resemble little bags/pockets with ribbon on top wrapping the bags. SO CUTE. I see this meal ideal to share with another person (along with other items) and it comes with 4 variety of dumplings, 2 of each flavour. The orange ones have a filling of sweet potato, lemongrass and coconut and are very fresh and like little doughs and were definitely my favourites! The yellow ones have curry, pumpkin and vermicelli and they are not spicy at all and have definitely a characteristic curry pleasant taste. The white ones are filled with tofu, ginger, pickle and chive and are slightly sour but very interesting! And finally the green coloured ones have spinach, yam bean and shallot and were my second favourite. All in all it is such an incredible mix and I would recommend if you are willing to try something different than your usual dumplings.

- Flaky Roti - this is one of their most popular vegan meals and I understand why! That roti seems like a croissant but even lighter and with a less sweet taste. It comes with 2 large size portions and with a bowl of Dahl Curry Dipping Sauce that is bright yellow in colour. The taste is not spicy and a little 'grainy' but that is just the normal consistency and the goal is to dip the roti into the sauce and having something similar to a 'crumbly' sauce so that it can stick to the roti. Overall it is a very interesting meal indeed and I had never tried anything similar before and I think that I would like to actually have some chunks (of anything) in the sauce!

- Chicken Satay Popsticker - this was one of my favourite meals and features a few dumplings filled with gable marinated Australian pork. The size is very much appropriate and they are nicely cooked and the filling is so flavoursome! The dough is soft and moist and not greasy nor oily - just a perfect dumpling indeed! They seriously know how to make these! It comes paired with some cucumber slices and a coconut peanut butter sauce that was INSANELY good. Yes, that sauce was AMAZING and highly recommend having an initial bite to the dumpling and then dipping it into the sauce so that it can get the sauce in.

- Puffed Tofu Sliders - these were highly recommended but maybe I set up the bar too high and for me, it wasn't that outstanding. It was still and interesting combo of puffed tofu, kimchi, cucumber and lemon pepper but I felt that the tofu lacked a bit of taste. It came non greasy but it was slightly mushy and since I am not a huge fan of spicy foods, the kimchi was a little too intense for me. However the steamed slider buns were PERFECT and so soft and moist! We asked this one in particular because my friend is vegan and I wanted to pick something that we could both eat but if I were to have chosen a bao to have, it would have been the newly added and recommended by the owner pork bao! But it is saved for my next visit then, for sure!

- Truffle Mushroom Dumplings - these were just an amazing finding too! I am a huge fan of truffle and even though it bag only came with 5 dumplings, the size was slightly bigger than the moneybag ones and in different shape. They actually look very shinny, like a dark mineral stone! I don't know how they managed to get that color sunk in but the final result is so radiolucent that it even seems you are eating an alien food! With field mushrooms, black truffle, green peppercorn and truffle oil I really enjoyed the taste of these and if you are a mushroom lover then you definitely need to try these out!

- Crispy chicken baos - so this is an interesting story (okay, maybe not that interesting, but still a story). We were half way through our meal and the people that were eating next to us (and actually we chatted in the beginning as they saw me taking pictures of the food and arranging things, asking me if I was a food blogger and even asking for my instagram account!) left and left behind, 3 untouched baos! Now, I hadn't even noticed as I was gladly chatting with my friend and enjoying my own food, but once the waitress came by he made such a loud exclamation of surprise (and with reason!) saying 'what? what a shame!' that I couldn't help but turning around and noticing the beautiful and massive buns laying around. Coincidentally me and the waitress had been chatting about exactly that - food waste - and how I am truly against it. Not only it is important to be mindful regarding the amount of food people ask for (of course that if you are not very hungry or not a massive eating, maybe don't ask too many items; or in case you still fell like venturing to a few more items and are not able to finish it, why not take away? Maybe you can have them later? Or in case you don't want to, maybe another friend or relative? Or even last case, a homeless person in the street? COme on, there is always a better option than having food going to waste!)
As it would be a crime to leave them there #teamnowaste, actually it was the waitress that asked me if I wanted to have them, as when we when through the menu he had told me it was one of the best meals (but we didn't order it due to having more vegan meals for my friend also to try), so I did not even hesitate and OMG. OMG. OMG. I 100% recommend! These are lemongrass, ginger and sticky soy marinated panko crumbed chicken fillet that are NOT greasy or oily and of AMAZING portion. The crumble is SO good, seriously. Nothing like a junk food fried chicken at all! Is it actually such a simple yet ideal combo and in that amazing homemade sandwich soft bao bun you can find the piece of panko crumbed chicken with a mixed leaf salad and some chipotle mayo. Loved it and would have it again for sure. In fact, I am thinking about going back and asking for a similar version of this!

- Almond latte - bigger that your usual size and much appreciated with just THE PERFECT amount of foam and the most delicious taste. The almond latte was impressive too and I was so happy with the coffee. Definitely recommend as a place to get a morning break and a sneaky coffee in too!

Overall I completely fell in love with this place and I want to go back again for sure. The courtyard that they have is just my perfect idea of an afternoon chill after a wonderful brunch, lunch or even just a snack! The have a menu filled with mouthwatering and dreamy cocktails too for those that fancy a cheeky drink and one thing is for sure: you won't want to leave this incredible and dreamy jungle place once you walk in. A final note to the adorable chopsticks that they have for children (and people like myself haha) - pink and with a cuuuuuute little panda on top. They pay an incredible attention to detail and to provide the best experience to every visitor.

They will also be part of the Night Noodle Markets in November and they will be having some special and very exciting partnerships with other brands happening! They also run special campaigns very frequently and I would highly recommend the bottomless brunch (without a doubt!) when you visit, available during the weekends (for $59 per person) as it is quite good in value considering the amoutn of food it comes with and it gives you the opportunity to try different things and specially their most popular ones! You sure do not want to miss these guys and I will certainly be visiting again soon!
Drumpling has got to be the most interesting dumpling place we have been to. They have added a westernised twist to the traditional dumplings. If you like to try something different you should check them out. 

Recently we came here for a bottomless brunch. we had egg and bacon dumplings, fried calamari, pork boas, dessert bao and some drinks. We really like the pork bao, recommend to have it while it is still hot! however, we think the dessert could be better.
Overall,  we still prefer the dinner menu though.
The dumplings were AMAZING, we ordered seconds. Didn't wait long either.
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227-229 Bourke St, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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