El Taquito Chingon menu

Dishes and Drinks in El Taquito Chingon

Restaurant features

takeaway food delivery great location kids' menu outdoor seating


cosmopolitan red ale coffee wine beer ale cordial liqueur draft beer chocolate margaritas agua fresca cask ale cortado horchata michelada


venison rice antipasto chorizo chicken suya salsa grilled beef steaks meat beef soup pasta pork fish chili roasted meat stewed steak carnitas taters alcoholic beverage nachos guacamole quesadillas tacos tortillas enchiladas burritos omelettes kebabs tacos al Pastor mexican tacos chicken fajitas cheese nachos enchiladas verdes nacho chips tacos de carnitas avocado chicken pinxtos asado poultry flautas menudo jerky taquitos chips and guacamole pork roast pides toast anchovy pies avo smash avocado mash tapas laing cheese fajitas chilaquiles mole picada fritanga frita cebolada completo

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