The Green Parrot Bar menu

Dishes and Drinks in The Green Parrot Bar


beer root beer draft beer rum coffee craft beer liqueur bourbon whiskey tequila green liqueur wine margaritas mojitos piña colada irish beer cortado lager daiquiris martinis tea ice tea moscow mule ale americano cider juice lemonade soda tonic whiskey sour gin mimosas


cheese poultry duck sandwiches sloppy Joe sweet meat asida broth grilled cheese frita seafood bun cha causa pork soup fish completo poke bowl salads bBQ ribs smoked beef borsch baked beans coleslaw bbq sandwiches beef pies deli sandwich meat sandwich onion strings blt suppli juane brisket daurade laing chicken fries tater tots lawar prawns ribs


flija che key lime pie biscuits
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