Harry's Seafood & Grill menu

Dishes and Drinks in Harry's Seafood & Grill

Restaurant features

lunch dinner cosy atmosphere live music great location great service friendly staff


ice cream sorbet chocolate custard chocolate cake brownies tiramisu strawberry dessert lemon pie strawberry crumble blueberry crumble creamy dessert blueberry pie blueberry dessert blueberry sorbet crumble creamy cake cakes fruit sorbet chocolate mousse cake mousse gâteau


beer coffee wine chocolate spritz frappes chocolate frappe


duck salad roasted meat ham seafood burgers salmon lobster risotto beef duck confit cured salmon steaks meat cheese soup lamb cod duck tuna fish tempura blue cheese white fish green salads fish soup chili grilled cod lamb salad fried lamb strawberry shortcake grilled beef seasonal soup crusted lamb fried salmon gouda braised fish salads scallops hamburgers fish & chips lamb shanks mashed potatoes fish fillet king prawns lamb cutlets vegetable spring rolls shrimp tempura mixed green salad cod fillet seafood soup vegetable rolls roasted tomatoes seitan burger cutlets prawns lobster soup tenderloin chilli prawns pies salmon pasta carrot salad spring rolls dill pickle shrimp pasta trout asida
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