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Restaurant features

lunch great service dinner breakfast beautiful view friendly staff wedding great location


panna cotta cakes ice cream sorbet ice cream cakes creamy cake croissants scones


coffee white wine espresso bitter beer wine tea cappuccino


meat schnitzels salmon steaks spaghetti salmon fillet mashed potatoes fried salmon fish fillet fillet steak dumplings sausages salami fish salmon mozzarella herring tomato mozzarella salad ravioli tomato salads chicken with mushrooms camembert beef rolls cabbage rolls bacon currywurst mozzarella salad white cheese cabbage stuffed fried cheese pork pasta wiener schnitzel cheese steaks salads roulade gnocchi rouladen chicken poultry beef parma ham pastrami ham parmo parmesan pork roast pork salad pork & beans bean salad baked potatoes sandwiches bockwurst gouda ragout chicken melt melt sandwich bratwurst
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