János Vendéglő menu

Dishes and Drinks in János Vendéglő

Restaurant features

takeaway lunch dinner cosy atmosphere kids' menu great location great service friendly staff beautiful interior


coleslaw smoked fish mushroom soup pork veal stew cucumber salads meat beef ham spaghetti burgers steaks chicken cheese pasta duck borsch fish veal fish soup fried fish goulash chili smoked cheese catfish cabbage soup red soup knödel spaghetti carbonara salads hamburgers chicken caesar chicken caesar salads mashed potatoes caesar salad beefsteak duck leg baked potatoes chicken pasta pork chops grilled vegetables creamed potatoes grilled potatoes breaded pork filetto di manzo wiener schnitzel poultry tartare goose walleye schnitzels toast ham hock belly pork cabbage mash pies soup stew golonka completo


creamy cake chocolate cake ice cream gelato cakes gâteau


coffee wine espresso lemonade ale cappuccino house wine chocolate
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