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Dishes and Drinks in Kulinarium


scones cream donuts ice cream


wine beer coffee draft beer lemonade house wine merlot sparkling lemonade americano gin tonic cordial rosé wine


mushroom soup ribs soup pizza meat poultry chicken quail quail eggs pork baked potatoes bread soup gorgonzola fish beef salads chicken breasts pasta sausages cheese bean soup dumplings steaks ciorba goulash tomato soup salmon lamb trout laing prawns tagliatelle seafood spaghetti carbonara spaghetti tuna salads stuffed mushrooms chicken soup creamed spinach stuffed chicken breast terrine vegetable pizza beef soup ragout pizza salad tuna sausage rolls pork stew chilli beef fried fish pork salad pork soup salmon pizza cabbage mash capricciosa pizza grilled polenta roasted quail baked salmon grilled lamb fried polenta fried lamb smoked sausage surf 'n' turf bean salad antipasto pork plate steak salads grilled chicken breasts kama macaroni barbecued ribs seafood soup
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