La Frontera menu

Dishes and Drinks in La Frontera


ice cream chocolate cake pastry cakes banana split


soda tequila vodka coffee beer lemonade sangria cordial liqueur chocolate margaritas mojitos


pork cheese pico de gallo chicken filet mignon fried cheese venison seafood fried fish steaks meat beef soup rice pasta bacon salsa fish octopus ceviche antipasto chili white cheese mexican chicken fish ceviche nachos guacamole quesadillas tacos ribs salads scallops crabs enchiladas burritos tamales chile relleno caesar salad lobsters baked potatoes beef tacos chicken enchiladas chicken tacos mexican tacos fish tacos red snapper chicken fajitas mixed grill garlic prawns crab legs mixed fajitas chicken quesadillas nacho chips breaded calamari ceviche mixto sopa azteca cochinita pibil ribeye calamari poultry prawns shrimp tacos tortilla soup taquitos fillet steak chips and guacamole avocado mash tapas fajitas pasteles frita tilapia causa laing completo
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