La Grotta menu

Dishes and Drinks in La Grotta

Restaurant features

takeaway great location lunch great service anniversary


cakes panna cotta zuppa inglese baked custard pastry gelato ice cream


liqueur cordial house wine lemonade gin absinthe pastis espresso coffee chianti cortado wine


ragout meat fish pasta pesto pasta spaghetti crostini monkfish roast beef beef tagliatelle seafood veal bolognese penne pasta salsa scallops scaloppine soup pizza ossobuco pappardelle sandwiches cacciucco calamari parmigiana completo rosto fatteh chicken soup burgers lasagna hamburgers aglio e olio cod pasty vitello tonnato aglio broth risotto cacio e pepe baked potatoes terrine rabbit cannelloni pate pies minestrone basa sausages tuna dover sole antipasto

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