La Vineria Di Montepulciano menu

Dishes and Drinks in La Vineria Di Montepulciano

Restaurant features

great location great service dinner lunch friendly staff cosy atmosphere


panna cotta cakes flan mousse parfait orange panna cotta pannecotta pastry biscuits biscotti


wine house wine liqueur cordial margaritas fino sherry sherry prosecco coffee chilled wine absinthe pastis ristretto beer sangiovese moscato martinis cortado


crostini focaccia meat salsa cheese porchetta sandwiches soup pork pasta sausages antipasto ham broth salami tartines completo cheese plate salads panzanella prosciutto caponata charcuterie board tapas beef toast veal pies charcuterie platter canapes picada dover sole parmigiana amuse bouches ragout olive focaccia cured meat pizza pasty meat sandwich salsiccia meat platters gorgonzola laing artisan bread white cheese borsch venison fondue sushi red soup kama carne-de-sol gat bolognese ricotta chili gazpacho fritters stew bavette cheese soufflé melanzane parmigiana sushi platter vegetable focaccia truffle
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