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Restaurant features

takeaway great location lunch dinner outdoor seating great service


parfait pastry tiramisu ice cream sorbet mille-feuille moelleux nutella pizza chocolate lava cake gâteau mango dessert banana dessert dame blanche


wine coffee cordial liqueur michelada


soup pizza chorizo meat vol-au-vent broth foie gras steaks beef cheese pasta seafood lasagna fish terrine roti casserole bouillabaisse escalope succulent steak consomme entrecote roquefort spaghetti salads crabs sausages hamburgers tomato salads camembert tartiflette moules frites pate boeuf bourguignon rillettes sole meuniere ossobuco mixed grill croquettes mussels parmesan poultry ravioli tartare tortellini fillet steak schnitzels toast burgers filet américain paschtéit completo
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