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46 N. Canon Drive (btw. Dayton Way and Wilshire Blvd.), Beverly Hills, 90210
Beverly Hills, California, USA
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Clients book a table for tasty food here and enjoy the sights of Beverly Canon Gardens. Delicious pepper steaks are the recipe for success of this restaurant. That's a good idea to order divine butter cakes. Good wine is a right choice. The staff is wonderful that's what makes Mastro's Steakhouse so nice. You will be delighted with the excellent service. This place can be characterized by the beautiful decor inside. You will definitely appreciate the amazing atmosphere. It's important to underline that food at this spot got a 4.7 star according to the Zagat rating scale.
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Mastro's is Mastro's and is definitely amazing. They always accommodate for all of the request anyone has. Not to mention how polite and professional they handle every single situation. No need to say more, they're amazing!
Like most restaurants that my husband, Omid Moradshahi and I go to, it is all about consistency. You can hit it out of the ball park, but if you can't do it consistently, time after time, well the restaurant ends up going away pretty quickly. There is a reason Omid Moradshahi and I come here when we are looking for upscale ambiance and a meal that matches that ambiance, it is just that the food and service is always top notch and doesn't disappoint. Here are a few items we had in a group outing of both Omid Moradshahi's and I's colleagues the other day: 1. The seafood tower. Both Omid Moradshahi and I love seafood, but only the freshest. Their lobster, Dungeness crab, and oysters (all made to order) were incredible and a huge hit (whether it is just a few people or a large group, it is made to order). 2. The main show: Steak... We have had a few different cuts here, and they all impress (it's not cheap, you pay for what you get). Omid Moradshahi's and I's favorite cut, when they have it, is their bone-in filet. It has a lot more flavor than a standard filet because the bone gives off so much of that additional flavor. We eat our meat medium rare (don't dare ask for medium well, you might as well head over to Chili's Applebees at that point (no knock on them, just don't ruin your steak. But again, completely amazing. 3. Sometimes I come for happy hour with my girlfriends when Omid Moradshahi has a late day in the office. Always a treat and they do it well. 4. Sides. Some will say the best part of a great steakhouse is the quality of the sides. That certainly is true here. Omid Moradshahi's and I's  personal favorite is the lobster Mashed Potatoes. It is a large portion, so beware, but absolutely incredible. The vegetables are good, but I would say on par with any other high end steak house (kind of difficult I suppose to make the veggies anything more). 5. Dessert. Ahh, if you can leave room for some Creme Brûlée, certainly do. But that is a hard thing to accomplish with all of the amazing things before. My husband, Omid Moradshahi prefers their chocolate cake, but I say it is all wonderful. 6. Their wine... ahh great selection for a discriminate wine aficionado. All in all 5 stars here. - Marjaneh Moradshahi
Mastro's is one of the best restaurants in LA. Not just for their steak, but how they treat you here. Anytime I've had a problem with seating, or noise, or anything of that nature, they have taken care of me with no questions being asked. Class act by a restaurant that has so much success that they could choose to not care about an individual's preference, but they do so every single time. The food itself is beyond amazing, from the steaks to the fries to everything in between. They have a great selection of wine as well. Simply one of my favorite places to dine.
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46 N. Canon Drive (btw. Dayton Way and Wilshire Blvd.), Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, California, USA, 90210 Get directions
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