McDonald's menu


Burgers: When It Comes to Our Burgers, We Mean Business. 100% Real Beef Patties That Have No Fillers, Additives Or Preservatives Are the Foundation for Every Hamburger and Cheeseburger We Proudly Serve. Whether the Quarter Pounder®*, Seared to Stay Thick and Juicy, Or the Legendary Big Mac®, Beef Makes for a Satisfying Bite. *Weight Before Cooking At Least 4 Oz.
Chicken & Sandwiches: Irresistible Flavors Come to the Table. Enjoy Options Like Our Chicken Sandwiches and Salads with Chicken. Or Try a Filet-O-Fish®, Made with Whitefish That Is Wild-Caught and Sourced From Sustainable Fisheries. Catch Tastiness You Can Feel Good About.
Breakfast: Meals Include Hash Browns and Small Coffee Or Soft Drink. Pick a Different Drink Or Side for An Additional Charge. Promotion Pricing May Be Lower Than Meal Pricing.
Snacks & Sides: Grab Somethin’ for Your Snacks & Sides. We Know You Aren’t Always Looking for a Full Meal, So No Matter What You’re Craving, We’ve Got Easy Snacks and Sides That’ll Have You Covered.
Desserts & Shakes: Our Cool Options Don’t Disappoint.
Happy Meal: You Want the Best for Your Family. So Do We. Our Kid-Friendly Restaurants Have Great Happy Meal® Options Like a Hamburger Made with a 100% Beef Patty That Has No Fillers, Additives Or Preservatives. Or Enjoy Our Tender and Juicy Chicken Mcnuggets® That Can Also Be Found Under Mighty Kids Meal® . Choose a Side and Your Favorite Drink: Fat-Free Chocolate Milk Jug, 1% Low-Fat White Milk Jug Or Apple Juice.
Salads: Get Your Greens with Our Freshly-Prepared Salads. Crisp and Full of Flavor. Dive Into Our Salads with Zest. Enjoy a Variety of Mixed Green Salads Prepared with Ribbon-Cut Carrots and Fresh Lettuce Like Crisp Chopped Romaine, Baby Spinach, Baby Kale and Red Leaf Lettuce. and Loaded with Toppings, These Are Some Great Greens.
Beverages: Hit Refresh When You Sip Our Drinks. Satisfy Your Thirst with a Variety of Drinks. From Refreshing Options Like $1 Any Size Soft Drinks*, to $2 Small Mccafé Smoothies, Frappés, Or Shakes**. Grab a Straw and Go.
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