Kohvik Cafe Micio menu

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Restaurant features

takeaway food delivery great service friendly staff lunch dinner birthday party romantic atmosphere business meeting meet friends family dinner beautiful interior wedding anniversary outdoor seating great location cosy atmosphere


cakes dame blanche chocolate cake cheesecake jelly dessert spoon sweets scones ice cream red velvet cake


pizza pasta meat italian pizza spaghetti risotto burgers beef fish seafood salads prawns veal brotzeit cheese chicken risotto shrimp salad seafood pizza foie gras salmon seafood risotto steaks seafood soup lasagna braising steak pasta with mushrooms creamed potatoes duck chargrilled pork beef burgers vegan burgers seafood pasta salmon pasta poultry chicken soup pork octopus grilled chicken penne pasta tomato salads donair pizza hawaiian pizza ham onion pizza grilled meat sushi tuna salads bolognese tuna bouillabaisse

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