Mistrz I Małgorzata menu

Dishes and Drinks in Mistrz I Małgorzata

Restaurant features

takeaway friendly staff breakfast lunch dinner cosy atmosphere birthday party wine list family dinner outdoor seating great location great service beautiful interior


coffee macchiato wine beer latte vodka lemonade whiskey absinthe ale house wine craft beer white wine white coffee chocolate mojitos pastis latte macchiato white russian cortado


lamb khinkali solyanka carpaccio salmon tartare cheese borsch seafood salmon chicken creamy soup shawarma steaks meat beef soup bacon duck pork ham risotto venison broth pelmeni fish mushroom soup salmon salads rib steaks pasty bouillabaisse white cheese ribs salads dumplings potato salads tomato soup beef tartare kebabs jamon jamon serrano marinated salmon pork chops pork loin stuffed chicken breast poultry prawns tartare pierogi noodle soups cheese salad fillet steak chicken breasts pork salad tapas georgian wine trout kolduny black risotto kota laing


pastry parfait cakes pancakes brownies
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