Molde Fjordstuer menu

Dishes and Drinks in Molde Fjordstuer

Restaurant features

breakfast dinner cosy atmosphere beautiful view wedding great location great service friendly staff


halva crème brûlée ice cream sorbet parfait chocolate parfait chocolate custard spice cake creamy cake cakes croissants custard dessert


coffee wine beer tea espresso champagne whiskey ale chardonnay white wine chocolate chocolate milk frappes chocolate frappe


bacon salmon pork entrecote chicken smoked fish grilled cod soup salsa salmon appetizer brodo steaks meat beef cod duck sushi seafood borsch fish white fish fish soup halibut succulent steak sausages filet mignon mashed potatoes cuttlefish hake daurade baked potatoes seafood soup creamed potatoes laksa mussels poultry fillet steak tenderloin folar taro laing
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