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Restaurant features

great service birthday party friendly staff dinner lunch cosy atmosphere great location wine list business lunch


meat beef rice soup poultry udon sausages schnitzels curried udon pork rolls udon noodles bao german sausages pork spring rolls grilled beef king prawns pork broth mango salads salads dumplings pho noodles spring rolls seafood roasted duck prawns kama fish duck crispy duck beef pho chicken curry beef rolls cheese tofu curry duck chicken fried prawns fried udon beef noodles salsa monkfish shrimp rolls pho soup summer rolls rice noodles banh xeo spicy chicken crispy beef beef curry chilli prawns chicken pho vegetarian rice chicken coconut soup milk soup coconut shrimp dim sum ginger beef pork hock cha gio fried chicken coconut rice noodle salad suppli kangaroo pork roast fillet steak antipasto potted shrimps ravioli potato salads
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