No28 menu

Dishes and Drinks in No28


brioches pudding berliner brioche toast doughnuts beignets flija scones cakes


burgers tapas fries meat beef chicken poultry burgers with fries cheeseburgers bacon sandwiches chorizo nacho chips nachos cheese lamb cheese rolls angus steak crispy fries chicken sandwiches pork burger sweet fries beef nachos satay iberico pork spring rolls toast chicken melt falafels dumplings quesadillas melt sandwich chicken satay black pudding steaks wontons stuffed burger double cheeseburger roasted chicken chicken nuggets parmesan fried rice rice pudding fusion tapas buffalo wings rice tempura chicken tempura seafood chicken wings broth soup pork patatas bravas sausages french sausage taters buffalo chicken suppli chips & cheese parmesan fries triple burger hamburgers cheese fries paneer
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