Noi del Manzoni menu

Dishes and Drinks in Noi del Manzoni

Restaurant features

takeaway food delivery great service breakfast great location anniversary cosy atmosphere lunch dinner outdoor seating friendly staff


tiramisu cakes pear pie gâteau parfait lemon pie italian tiramisu panna cotta pastry


pasta seafood risotto spaghetti meat cheese antipasto spaghetti vongole pies completo pizza seafood risotto seafood pizza marinara pizza pesto pizza mussels salsa seafood pasta ribeye octopus spinach salads salads ravioli laing ricotta parmigiano broth soup pizza margherita spaghetti with clams ragout chicken soup tagliatelle salmon chicken sausages arancini pizza fritta poultry pasty pork prosciutto steaks mozzarella calamari pate terrine italian pizza frita lasagna basa beef succulent steak entrecote fish
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