Restaurace Bílý jednorožec menu

Dishes and Drinks in Restaurace Bílý jednorožec


crème brûlée tiramisu fudge ice cream sorbet orange dessert crumble cakes fruit salad mousse nut cake


ale chocolate coffee wine beer tea rum espresso latte lemonade brandy white wine hot chocolate mint tea ice tea


soup roast beef pizza pork duck breast risotto chicken beef with vegetables beef steaks meat cheese pasta duck fish mushroom soup rabbit fish soup carpaccio antipasto asparagus risotto roasted duck catfish ragout vegetarian salad stuffed pasta fried rabbit cobia grilled cheese ribs salads sausages mashed potatoes goat cheese salads scrambled eggs pumpkin soup vegetable salad amuse bouches flank steak baked potatoes goat salads chicken meat spinach ravioli beef ribs grilled vegetables creamed spinach sausage & eggs grilled salads poultry ravioli tartare walleye beef tongue cheese salad fillet steak mascarpone pea risotto yellow pea soup gnocchi trout garlic soup tripe soup rabanada laing kama
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