Picnic menu

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Restaurant features

takeaway breakfast lunch dinner cosy atmosphere live music great location great service friendly staff


lemonade beer absinthe coffee wine juice latte soda sangria ale cappuccino cordial liqueur craft beer smoothies piña colada pastis fruit smoothie fresh juices spritz fruit juice cortado frappes


ricotta pork fish walnut salad cheese pizza meat soup pasta ham tuna broth terrine pasty antipasto prosciutto gorgonzola ragout olive salads orange salads vegetarian salad crostini couscous sandwiches salads fresco salad caesar salad tomato salads pate mozzarella salad cannelloni avocado salads tomato mozzarella salad salad wraps bolognese mozzarella arancini cheese salad italian salad toast piadinas bruschettas anchovy basa taro
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