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Dishes and Drinks in Daniel

Restaurant features

takeaway lunch dinner romantic atmosphere cosy atmosphere wine list wedding anniversary great location great service friendly staff


pudding ice cream panna cotta crumble cakes pancakes mousse gâteau berliner


prosecco coffee wine beer tea espresso champagne bitter chardonnay merlot white wine pinot noir wine


pasta burgers fried vegetables bacon pork risotto meat rabbit succulent steak goulash steaks chicken beef soup lamb venison fish veal casserole rib steaks polenta prosciutto gorgonzola saltimbocca ragout lamb salad lemon risotto entrecote vegetarian fish flounder knödel meatballs ribs salads sausages hamburgers beef cheeks pate cheese bread stuffed mushrooms lamb meatballs ribeye veal cheek frankfurter poultry ravioli tartare goose cheese salad schnitzels pies lamb steak cheese potato casserole stew laing kama speck kugel completo
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