Royal Gourmetburger & Gin menu

Dishes and Drinks in Royal Gourmetburger & Gin


brioches cakes halva cupcakes berliner


tonic draft beer craft beer milkshakes wine juice apple juice martinis beer stout lager cider gin coffee dry martini ale pale ale cortado whiskey bourbon


fries burgers truffle hamburgers sweet fries chili meat juicy burger chili burger taro bacon pork fish cheeseburgers vegan burgers gorgonzola halloumi pasta brie cheese lamb hummus sweet potato chips potato chips beef veggie burger kos crispy fries borsch burgers with fries blue cheese cheese salads completo onion strings fatteh laing kare-kare falafels monkfish folar frita tapas spanish tapas hamburger and fries homemade chips sandwiches blue cheese burger blue burger gourmet burger carne-de-sol onion burgers mozzarella
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