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At the Royal Palms Resort and Spa, 5200 E. Camelback Road, 85018
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Seeing Shemer Art Center and Museum requires time and efforts, so if you feel hungry after, come to this restaurant for a tasty meal. You can always enjoy amazing spinach salads, delicious sea bass and tasty duck breast at T. Cooks. Take a break and order good tiramisu, awesome cheesecakes and yummy bagels. You will hardly forget excellent wine and fine martini that you can degust. Wonderful fruit juice and decent coffee are among the tastiest drinks to try. The staff at this place is friendly and always ready to answer questions about the menu. It's always a pleasure to rest and have a meal here because of the perfect service. The decor at this spot is described as superb. The prime atmosphere gladdens people and attracts more guests. The rating assigned by Frommer's is 3 stars so this restaurant is an exceptional place.
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We had an excellent dining experience at T. Cook's.  We went for dinner on a Saturday night to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We sat on the lovely patio.  It is a quaint and intimate setting. Our server, Sasha, was friendly and super informative.  He really took care of us and guided us to different options on the menu. Everything was delicious.  Food timing was paced appropriately so that we were able to enjoy the night out without waiting or feeling rushed. It was a premier dining experience and one of my favorite dinners in Phoenix to-date.  It is expensive, but worth it.
T. Cooks is an awesome restaurant in Town. The food is amazing and out of this world.  Tanino is the Greatest server I have ever had there.  He is so attentive and gives fantastic service.  T. Cooks gives great portions, you will never get anything bad there, the food and drinks are the TOPS.  The food can't be beat and the price is great.  If you want to be treated like a Queen and/or a King don't miss this place to eat at, you will LOVE it there.
Don't go there for lunch. Love T. Cook's for dinner, but three of us went for lunch and were very disappointed. First of all, it was not busy and it took our waiter at least 15 minutes to get our drink order. We were waiting patiently for our bread/pesto (that we saw on everyone's tables) to have with our drinks, but it never came. The waiter disappeared for most of our meal and when he finally checked on us somewhere near the end of the meal we were able to ask where our bread was and he said "it's in the oven."  We basically got it after we were done eating. I ordered a Cobb salad and mentioned to the waiter that the menu does not indicate avocado, which I said is a main ingredient in a Cobb salad. He said, "don't worry, there's avocado on it." When he brought it out, no avocado. When I commented, he said "oh, did you want avocado"?? As I was eating my salad, the dark specs that I thought were bacon bits were really sliced olives (not in a Cobb salad nor mentioned on the menu). I dug around for the bleu cheese, none of that either. I kept waiting to say something to him, and we finally snagged a waitress as she walked by, who graciously brought me the bacon and bleu cheese. She actually helped us several times throughout our meal while our waiter was MIA. Kathy ordered the Reuben sandwich which she said was very good, however, the Parmesan french fries were not crisp, and, believe it or not, had no Parmesan! The third entrée was the Bronzino which Patty said was good, but the potatoes were plain with no flavor. We all agreed that the bread and pesto that we finally got, and couldn't really eat because we were full, was the best part of the meal! It took forever to get the bill, and once the credit card was ready to be processed, no waiter, again. We waited for about 10 minutes, then grabbed another waitress and asked her to please take care of it - she delivered it to him wherever he was. I had asked the waiter for the House or cheapest glass of red wine. He asked me what kind I wanted and I teased that I wanted the least expensive. He said they're all the same price and gave me choices I opted for the Pinot Noir. When we got the bill, it was $12 and I had noted there were other reds for $10 on the menu. Now, I know the mistakes on the food were from the kitchen, but the combination of the missing waiter, issues with the food and overcharge on the wine, along with mentioning all of this to the manager who basically just said sorry, has left a bad taste in our mouths. On top of all that, when I arrived I was going to self-park under the building but a guy stopped me for "complementary valet". I went to tip him $2 when I left and instead of two $1 bills, I gave him a $5 and a $1- $6! Not too complementary and a big tip from someone who lives on Social Security
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At the Royal Palms Resort and Spa, 5200 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 85018
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