The New Fox & Hound menu

Dishes and Drinks in The New Fox & Hound


soup goulash pork veal burgers light salad chorizo bacon blue cheese haggis salmon sirloin quinoa salad cod meat beef steaks chicken cheese rice lamb pasta seafood risotto venison broth fish green salads lemon chicken casserole seafood salad grilled steak grilled beef buffalo steak buffalo chicken green risotto aspic shepherd's pie alcoholic beverage ribs salads hamburgers fish & chips chicken caesar chicken caesar salads caesar salad tomato soup tomato salads scrambled eggs chicken nuggets fish fillet seafood risotto cucumber salads lettuce salads black rice grilled vegetables calamari poultry cheese salad schnitzels tenderloin goulash soup pies broccoli soup carrot salad feta salad trout laing


mousse cheesecake cakes
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