Old Stables Tea Room menu

Dishes and Drinks in Old Stables Tea Room

Restaurant features

takeaway lunch cosy atmosphere beautiful view birthday party wedding anniversary outdoor seating great location great service friendly staff


lemon pie chocolate cake pastry pudding flapjack orange cake lemon meringue almond cake chocolate fudge chocolate delice fudge victoria sponge cake sticky toffee pudding sponge cake cakes scones orange brownies meringues brownies black forest cake raspberry cake gâteau baked scones fruit scones nut cake


coffee tea latte lemonade cappuccino almond coffee chocolate hot chocolate herbal teas moccachino


fish quiche pork cheese baked quiche pate creamy quiche chicken meat beef soup salmon ham smoked salmon terrine parmo salmon salads parma ham fried cheese smoked cheese gruyere thai chicken truffle salad sandwiches salads truffle chicken noodle soup chicken noodles cheese bread smoked salmon salad quiche lorraine cheese rolls corned beef parmesan poultry egg sandwiches noodle soups toast cheese scones potato pie salmon quiche mascarpone pies pea and ham soup cheese salad yellow pea soup sandwich cake bread soup
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