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Cobb salad

It is incredibly nutritious, as it contains a lot of ingredients and, in my opinion, should be perceived not as an introduction to dinner or dinner, but as a full replacement. After all, Cobb's salad includes chicken, bacon, tomatoes, celery, eggs, avocado, cheese, as well as a lot of greens and a delicious dressing based on olive oil and mustard.

The name of the salad was in honor of its author - Bob Cobb, the owner of the Derby Brown restaurant. One night, Bob went into the restaurant kitchen to get something to eat. Wandering from the fridge to the fridge, he found a small piece of cheese, a couple of boiled eggs, tomato, garlic, avocado, boiled chicken breast, celery, a few salad leaves. And the cook at this time fried bacon, and Cobb decided to take a couple of slices from him. From this simple set he hastily prepared a salad with a classic dressing. But the taste of the ready-made dish was so pleasing to him that soon the Cobb salad was included in the menu of the institution.