Ankara: rich in culture and tastes

Ankara: rich in culture and tastes

by Nova Vozrak

Ankara is a big city, the second in size in Turkey. It is rich in culture, including the remains of the ancient one, and in cuisine variations. If you come here for the first time, try pilaf and Menemen.

Rice can be tasty. When you come to Turkey, try pilaf, a rice side dish which has a number of variants: with tomatoes, meat pieces, chickpeas, nuts, herbs, chicken, or fish. You will definitely find a variant for you. The rice itself is sauteed with butter till it’s lightly toasted, then it is simmered in water or stock. Come to Hacı Arif Bey to enjoy this dish.

Hacı Arif Bey
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Address: Güniz Sk. 48/1, Ankara, Turkey
Phone number: 903124675767
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Eggs are really popular. If you like scrambled eggs, you will enjoy menemen, the national Turkish dish. The dish is made of eggs cooked with tomatoes, green pepper, and the addition of garlic or onion. This is a good choice for breakfast, made without onions or garlic, and is usually served with bread. You may also try variations of menemen if you have tried it but want new tastes. Visit Menemenci Selale Cafe to enjoy this unique Asian dish.

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Address: Sakarya Cd. No:27, Ankara, Turkey
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Ankara: rich in culture and tastes