Best food on Washington Restaurant Week

Best food on Washington Restaurant Week

by Miles Greene

The Summer Restaurant Week is upon us. Pretty soon dozens of places all around Washington, DC will open their doors for journalists and foodies like you and me to shock and surprise us with new flavors and unusual delivery. We better be ready. Without further ado, here are some places in the Washington metropolitan area worthy of your time during the DC Restaurant Week.

1. Amazed by the mezzes
Amazed by the mezzes

The lamb meat is tenderer and more nutritional if compared to any other meat and has a particular gamey taste. It is not as firm as beef but chewier than chicken.

#5 of 3513 restaurants in Washington, USA
701 9th St NW, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
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There are a lot of good restaurants in Washington, DC that serve Mediterranean, but there’s nothing even remotely alike to Zaytinya. Chef José Andrés and his team have developed and mastered a distinct and recognizable style inspired by Greek, Turkish and Lebanese cuisines.

The mezzes here are to die for! Small plates – huge portions! The place is ideal for group lunches and dinners, as you are welcome to share. You should definitely try the Hünkar Beğendi for the tenderness of the lamb will send you to heaven! The best way to get the gist of the place, however, is to order the Chef's Choice sampling menu. That way you’ll be able to have a bite of ten delicious dishes and find what suits you best. The Halloumi cheese plate, served with figs and nuts is a must, and don’t forget to ask for a glass of the selected Mediterranean wine! The main hall is stylishly modern and permanently crowded. It is highly unlikely that you’ll be seated right off the door, so you better call in advance.

2. The taste of Tosca
The taste of Tosca

This dish comes from Northern Italian whose climate is ideal for growing rice (riso means 'rice'). The key ingredient is semi-rounded short-grain rice cooked with meat, fish or vegetable broth. Try risotto with parmesan cheese and white wine. Add saffron for flavour and yellow colour.

#31 of 1925 pubs & bars in Washington, USA
1112 F St NW, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
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Photo from Restaurant Guru
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They say that Italians make the best coffee in the World. Why not stop by Tosca in Downtown to have a cup? You’ll stay for dinner – guaranteed! Tosca is neat and homely place decorated in modest pastel colors and designed to have a quiet romantic dinner or a friendly chat.

The place is famous for their fresh in-house made pasta and the selection of wines. The dinner menu here is pretty astounding: Fiore di Zucca and Capesante, followed by Pappardelle (the rabbit ragu) or a delicious Risotto… and that’s only the start! The wild Alaskan salmon here is a feast for the taste buds and the veal and pork chops here are top notch too.

Like any respectable restaurant these days Tosca offers dishes made from the locally produced and grown ingredients, so you can rest assured that everything is fresh and rich in taste and flavor! The place proudly holds its place among the top Washington DC restaurants and is a must during the Restaurant Week!

3. A few cents for the Central
A few cents for the Central
French onion soup

The dish goes back to Roman times, where it originated. The soup is based on meat stock and onions. When it is served it is topped with croutons and cheese on a large piece of bread.

Central Michel Richard
#72 of 3513 restaurants in Washington, USA
1001 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
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Photo from Zomato
Photo from Zomato
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Now, it’s time to taste something distinctly French. There’s a place on Pennsylvania Avenue that will make your tummy growl right from the entrance. The smells at the Central are an instant hook.

Run by the chef Michel Richard the spot is ideal both for a light lunch and a heartwarming family dinner. Come taste french onion soup, the Sautéed Scallop, served with sweet corn and radishes or the famous Goat Cheese Caesar Salad! The starters are simply clever and you are welcome to share as well. Everything is farm fresh and heavenly delicious! The organic blueberry soda they serve here is, well, you should taste it! Vegans will find a whole side menu, and the wine card at the Central is pretty decent too. 

Sure, the prices are high, but the food here is worth the try, especially during the Summer Restaurant Week when the menu gets significantly cheaper.

4. The gem of Georgetown
The gem of Georgetown

A part of numerous Mediterranean dishes, octopus is a delicious meal with tender and buttery flavor that melts in the mouth. Octopus can be enjoyed grilled, with pasta, in a stew or a salad.

#8 of 3513 restaurants in Washington, USA
1226 36th St NW, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
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Photo from Restaurant Guru
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You just can’t have a complete culinary trip around Washington without dining at 1789 on 36th Street! This is a quintessentially American place, breathing with history and decorated with antiques from the years past.

The restaurant proudly bears it a 5-star rating with dishes like the Scandinavian Halibut and the Charred Spanish Octopus. The crab cakes here, prepared with the jumbo lump crab meat and served with artisanal mayonnaise, Old Bay seasoning, Dijon mustard, parsley and saltine crackers are simply amazing! This past Winter Restaurant Week they served fantastic eggnog crème Brulee, which in itself is love from the first spoon. The prices here are pretty steep but you get what you pay for – excellent service and probably the best food around Georgetown.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of the year again! The prices dip and the menus widen, so put on your best dresses and suits and come taste the best food on the Washington, DC Restaurant Week. We’ve touched upon several fine places to eat out at but there are many more top restaurants in Washington, DC you should definitely try! Discover the unique flavors and get that feeling of fine dining in the Capital City! Now is the time!

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