Best places to eat and drink in Saint Petersburg

Best places to eat and drink in Saint Petersburg

by Max Foodie

If you are a tourist looking for an interesting place to discover something new and eat delicious meals, this article is definitely for you. We will tell you about the best places of St. Petersburg, worth your attention. Let's start with the steakhouses. In St. Petersburg, there are many fans of select, juicy steaks, and as you know, demand creates its own supply.

The best steaks in St. Petersburg

Stroganoff Steak House is located in the heart of St. Petersburg. This is a unique place with the Russian-American cuisine, which will appreciate even the most sophisticated steak lovers. Here you will find a huge selection of dishes from all over Russia: Kamchatka king crab legs, Vologda salted mushrooms, Barnaul pickled honey mushrooms, Murmansk halibut cold smoked fish, Baikal omul, ribeye steak from marble beef from Bryansk or Orenburg regions.

And you can also taste dishes from countries with the best traditions of cooking meat: "Striploin" steak from Argentina, a rack of lamb from Australia or Iceland. All steaks are prepared on natural birch charcoal in a special Spanish oven "Josper". If you have not tried steaks before, we recommend choosing between "medium" or "medium well" degree of doneness. In this case, the meat will retain its juiciness and unique taste. Every Sunday in the restaurant "Stroganoff Steak House", a whole lamb is baked in herbs on a unique Portuguese grill. It is fried right in the hall so that guests can follow the cooking process and enjoy the aroma of baked meat. This dish is served along with a salad of sweet tomatoes, red onion, and vegetable oil with a sauce based on ajika.

Stroganoff Steak House
#16 of 8809 restaurants in Saint Petersburg , Russia
Address: Konnogvardeyskiy Bul'var, 4, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 190000
Phone number: +78123145514
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Restaurant with an excellent view of St. Isaac's Cathedral

Have you ever been in a restaurant with a wonderful view? If you want to see the real Petersburg, be sure to visit Mansarda. The word is translated as "an attic". Externally, the restaurant resembles a cube of glass. It is located on the last floor of a business center, and its glass windows overlook St. Isaac's Cathedral, which is considered one of the best sights of St. Petersburg.

In the restaurant, the closest to the cathedral places are often reserved for six months ahead, although, you may be lucky. Then, you will enjoy all the beauty and majesty of the monument with a glass of noble wine. Nothing improves the appetite better than fresh air, beautiful views, and insanely delicious dishes. A wide selection of dishes of European, Russian, Mediterranean, Japanese and Pan-Asian cuisines are served here: caviar, Far Eastern crab legs, fillet of marbled beef with onion sauce. But despite all the culinary delights, the most important element remains the magnificent view of to St. Isaac's Cathedral.

#7 of 8809 restaurants in Saint Petersburg , Russia
Address: Pochtamtskaya Ulitsa, 3, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 190000
Phone number: +78126401616
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Cafe under the dome of romance

A couple always wants to find a warm place to have a rest in a city blown by cold northern winds. There is a huge number of such cozy "nests": Percorso, Solaris lab, II Lago and others. Solaris lab is a budget-friendly and awesome place ideal for a romantic evening with your soulmate. All you need for a good date is to surprise and give something special to your partner.

Panoramic view and muted light turn the date into an awesome adventure. You are a screenwriter, director, and protagonist. Free your imagination, and the Solaris lab team will gladly help you realize everything you want. Tea, coffee, and author's desserts - this is the simple menu. It's not a coincidence. According to the idea of the cafe creators, no one and nothing should interfere in the solitude of the lovers, even the waiter.

Solaris Lab
Address: Kurlyandskaya Ulitsa, 49, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 198035
Phone number: +79119251479
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Chinese restaurant full of light

It is quite difficult to find a real Chinese restaurant in St. Petersburg. On the Rubinstein street, you will see unique places with its own distinct style and format. Tsé Fung is one of them. The name of this restaurant is translated from Chinese as a phoenix, a bird that occupies a significant place in Chinese mythology. Unlike the western view, in China, the Phoenix cannot be reborn, but the firebird personifies charm and beauty, and only a person with a kind heart and a pure soul can see it. No wonder in China it is customary to decorate wedding dresses with feathers of peacocks or pheasants.

In the restaurant, every detail is impregnated with Chinese culture. Peking duck, vegetables with Hoisin sauce, Chinese mushrooms with bamboo shoots and a traditional tea ceremony will turn your dinner into something special.

Tse Fung
Address: Rubinstein St, 13, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 191002
Phone number: +78129323333
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Vegetarian cafe in St. Petersburg

Peterburg is a very progressive city where popular flows quickly find their audience. If you belong to vegetarians or vegans, you will find like-minded people in the Ukrop cafe. The chef creates delicious dishes with a taste of nature and magic. You will fall in love with the cook from the first spoon of creamy vegetable soup.

The divine falafel will force anyone to return here. The restaurant team likes to experiment with tastes and traditional recipes. One of these dishes is the ukha on coconut cream. The basis of the soup is tofu cheese and nori seaweed. Even if you are not a vegetarian, you should come here to find out how rich and varied vegetarian cuisine can be.

Cafe, Restaurant
#5 of 367 vegetarian restaurants in Saint Petersburg , Russia
Address: Malaya Konyushennaya Ulitsa, 14, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 191186
Phone number: +78129463035
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