Best restaurants for vegetarians in New York

by Daniela Stiglitz
Updated July 14, 2017
Best restaurants for vegetarians in New York

There is a great choice of vegetarian restaurants in New York. Most places offer vegetarian dishes and their demand increases even among meat-eaters. America is motherhood of fast food, but you can find a dish with a tick V in any menu of any cafe or restaurant. Even in a usual coffee house, cow milk is offered to be replaced with coconut milk. You can notice respect and attention to any taste or preference here. Even if you are not a vegetarian, try the surprisingly delicious food at one of the restaurants in New York listed below.

Dirt Candy

Dirt CandyDirt Candy

If you are a vegetarian in New York, be sure to check out the local Dirt Candy restaurant. It was opened in May 2008 and from that moment gained popularity among the guests and residents of the city. So now, it is always lively here, you can often see students, tourists from other countries, as well as citizens who adhere to the system of proper nutrition. 

Dirt Candy's menuDirt Candy's menu

Dirt Candy's dishDirt Candy's dish

It should be noted that in 2010, Dirt Candy received his first Michelin star, and in 2012 the world-famous New York Times magazine included a restaurant in the TOP 10 of the best vegetarian establishments in the city. The author's cuisine is presented there, rather than traditional dishes, where meat is replaced by vegetable products. For example, restaurant guests often order a tomato cake with smoked feta cheese.



Nix dishNix dish

Is there a vegan restaurant with affordable prices, opened by a Michelin chef? Nix is the answer. Cauliflower tempura with beans, sprouts with cashew prepared in a clay oven, and soft tofu are excellent for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Nix menuNix menu

Do you want something less useful? Try the local cocktails: for example, Honey Bee with Thai basil, clover honey, gin, and sake.


Blossom restaurantBlossom restaurant

Blossom menuBlossom menu

It all started with one small establishment in Chelsea, and now in New York there are three Blossom restaurants and even a bakery. 

Vegan menuVegan menu

Vegetarian dishes inspired by the best Italian traditions are waiting for you: mushroom kalamari with spicy arabjatta sauce, ravioli with cashew cream and smoked temp, lasagna with tapioca, fried eggplant, and tofu marinara. In addition, prices are quite attractive: most dishes cost about $20.

Candle 79

Candle 79Candle 79


Today, the restaurant Candle 79 is really considered to be the one of the best restaurants of vegan cuisine not only in New York, but throughout the country. The restaurant was established in 1980. And there was only a bar on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where the most useful dish was freshly squeezed juice. Now, the restaurant serves dishes from local and seasonal natural products grown without using of pesticides or any other chemicals. Be sure to try a snack of ravioli with spinach, sejtan piccate, as the main dish, along with sweet french fries. After such a hearty meal, you hardly want to taste even your dessert.

Stuffed avocadoStuffed avocado


A vegetarian for 10 years, chef Chloe Coscarelli became famous in the US after winning in a show on Food Network. Then, she released three cookbooks that immediately became best sellers on Amazon. In 2014, the girl opened her restaurant and called it by CHLOE.

Chloe's restaurantChloe's restaurant

Chloe CoscarelliChloe Coscarelli

Of course, here you can find the author's cuisine - for example, balls of mushrooms and vegetables with pesto, and a quinoa hash brown. In fact, this recently opened organic cafe does not seem to be the usual place for brunch: in this place, in the heart of West Village, you will not find any alcohol or eggs. But you can enjoy amazing French fries cooked without a single drop of oil, dozen kinds of smoothies, and coconut milk directly from a coconut!

by Chloe brunchby Chloe brunch

Most traditional places to eat offer only meat and fish dishes, and if you are the only vegetarian in a company, you often have to put up with a vegetable salad. But not in New York. The best vegetarian restaurants list includes hundreds places that satisfy your veggie tastes and preferences.

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