Best restaurants for visiting in Miami

by Daniela Stiglitz
Updated July 14, 2017
Best restaurants for visiting in Miami

The best restaurants in Miami have a delightful collection of pearls of world cuisine. Here you can make a world trip to the most exquisite dishes without leaving the coast. Each restaurant is unique and has its own fans ready to cross the ocean for a bowl of soup or a special salad. If you're lucky to visit Miami, you should definitely spend your time in the restaurants named best in 2017, where food will make your taste buds go crazy.

Joe's Stone Crab

Joe's Stone CrabJoe's Stone Crab

The Joe's Stone Crab restaurant in Miami is one of oldest American restaurants. Its highlight is the stone crabs that are found near the coast. One of the signature dishes is claws of creeping marine inhabitants. Only claws and the terrific tasty sauce. 

Joe's Stone Crab dishJoe's Stone Crab dish

Joe's Stone Crab menuJoe's Stone Crab menu

Joe's Stone Crab Restaurant in Miami has a certain status and cultural characteristics. To visit it, you need to dress properly. The style "for a cocktail" will be enough. Do not wear expensive clothes if you do not know how to eat arthropods. In a T-shirt, beach slaps, and shorts, you will not be allowed to go for any money. If you want to visit the favorite restaurant of Frank Sinatra and Mohamed Ali - Joe's Stone Crab in South Florida is at your service. The average check in this stunning luxury place is above $80 per person. Agree, it's not so much for the really elite cuisine.



For those who want to visit Italy, the Carpaccio restaurant in Bel Harbor will be a surprisingly pleasant discovery. The restaurant is "typically Italian" with an emphatically calm and cozy atmosphere. A fashionable place, crowded, it may be necessary to stand for many hours waiting to join the present taste of "American Italy". There are many fans of the Carpaccio cuisine among the celebrities. The restaurant is friendly to visitors with children and is included into the list of the best places on the coast.

Carpaccio menuCarpaccio menu

Carpaccio dishCarpaccio dish

Despite the fact that Carpaccio is considered one of the best and most elite, the price level is quite democratic - $30-50 for lunch, plus drinks. Be sure to order sea dishes, seafood, pasta, risotto. Real Italian pizza will delight you. All dishes of Italian cuisine are deliciously fresh and gorgeous. Coffee, brewed by barman of Carpaccio, will become one of the best memories of your life.


Hakkasan restaurantHakkasan restaurant

The Hakkasan restaurant in Miami specializes in Chinese cuisine, but with good European service. The style of cooking can be defined as fusion. Here visitors will find a combination of classical Chinese, European, and American traditions with some tropical exoticism. All dishes are quaint, exquisite, and incredibly tasty. Without looking at the menu, you can not always guess what is on your plate. The creativity of the chefs is at the highest level. Be sure to try the offer from the chef. Branded recipes with a crisp duck are wonderful. We highly recommend local original cocktails according to special recipes.

Hakkasan's menuHakkasan's menu

Hakkasan's dishHakkasan's dish

As in any Chinese restaurant, it is not forbidden to taste something from a friend's plate. Come with a company, order different dishes and try them all. Hakkasan is, perhaps, the best restaurant of Chinese cuisine in Miami. Visiting once, you will definitely become a loyal fan of an impressive and creative cuisine. The restaurant is popular not only among tourists but also among local residents. Book a table in advance, the place is very fashionable. A feature of the restaurant is the complete absence of fuss and haste even in the hottest hours. You will be surrounded by a calm and benevolent care. Who does not hurry, he always manages.



The Zuma restaurant in Miami specializes in Japanese cuisine. A peculiarity here is the underlined ignoring of the English language. Everything here is authentic. However, the kitchen is little like the classic cuisine of the Japanese islands. In the menu, you can find steaks, corn on the grill, beef, truffles, salmon tartare. Chefs are creative. We can say that Zuma is an institution with the author's cuisine. 

Zuma's menuZuma's menu

Corn dishCorn dish

The cost of lunch can be over $200. Quite an expensive place. But really very, very interesting. The place is considered to be fashionable and popular. To book a table in the evening hours you need a pre-entry.



Miami is often called the gateway to Latin America, and the gastronomic traditions of this city serve as a confirmation of such a nickname. In Miami, there are a lot of places where you can taste dishes of national Cuban cuisine - baked bananas, stewed chicken with rice, world famous Cuban boiled lobster with lemons, tortoise and crocodile meat, and exotic turtle eggs. The best of Cuban restaurants is named Versailles. The institution has a reputation of a very noisy place, richly decorated, and popular among visitors. The restaurant occupies a rather large area, so here you can always find a quiet place. Prices are very affordable. The most expensive dessert in Versailles will cost you only $2.75.

Cuban cuisineCuban cuisine

Versailles menuVersailles menu

Miami is called Mecca for gourmets. In the city, you will find an uncountable number of places representing all the world's cuisine, and also gourmet restaurants. The best of them are known for their culinary delights and represent dishes of American, Chinese, Italian, Mediterranean, and French cuisine. Well, we believe that the best restaurant is the one you are ready to return to and that you will gladly recommend visiting.

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