Best Saint Petersburg bars to watch World Cup 2018

Best Saint Petersburg bars to watch World Cup 2018

by Jane Mytnik

In few days millions of football fans are coming to Russia to support and cheer on their national teams that take part in, probably, the most important sporting event of the year - FIFA World Cup 2018. 11 Russian cities will host the tournament, including both capitals of the country: Moscow and  Saint Petersburg,  that is often called the northern or cultural capital. The city on the Neva River will host 4 group matches, 2 playoffs, and a bronze medal match. All the games will be held on the stadium having the same name as the city: Saint Petersburg. It is situated on Krestovky Island and is planned to be renamed in "Krestovsky Stadium" after the World Cup.

Saint-Petersburg Stadium
June 15
6 p.m. Group B. Morocco - Iran
June 19
9 p.m. Group A. Russia - Egypt
June 22
3 p.m. Group E. Brazil - Costa Rica
June 26
5 p.m. Group D. Nigeria - Argentina

July 3
5 p.m. 1/8 final. F1 - E2

July 10
9 p.m. semi-final. SF1 - SF2

July 14
5 p.m. third-place match. LSF1 - LSF2

Saint Petersburg is one of the most popular tourist cities, so, most likely, the tickets are sold out or there have left only expensive ones. But don't become upset over it, as we have found sports bars having enormous screens and surround sound to make you feel like being at the stadium while watching matches broadcasts.

Street Food Bar №1

The innovative sports bar Street Food Bar №1, where you will be met by a friendly robot, provides 50 huge LED panels and giant screens with a diagonal of 220" to watch the broadcasts of the World Cup matches. The powerful Dolby Atmos sound system intensifies the feeling of the presence at the game. The menu of the venue offers real street-food: hot-dogs, sandwiches and trendy hamburgers with colorful fresh-baked bans, moist meat, and exclusive sauces. The bar chart offers various cocktails, moreover, any guest can mix one according to his or her taste using the cocktail machine. Wine is also present, they store the bottles at the correct temperature in an innovative wine rack that pours the beverage itself. And, of course, you have a wide choice of craft beer, ale, and cider. Besides several halls the venue has a glazed in a terrace with a wonderful view of the historical part of the city, the screens are also arranged here. All in all, Street Food Bar №1 astonishes with its numerous technological features, so visiting it will surely bring pleasant moments, even in case the score of the match is disappointing.

Pub & bar, Restaurant
Street food bar № 1
#301 of 2100 pubs & bars in Saint Petersburg, Russia
Address: University Embankment, 25, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 199034
Phone number: +78123251122
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Sports' Bar 84

Sports' Bar 84 was named after the USSR football championship in 1984, this was the first time the Saint Petersburg football team Zenit became the champion of the country. The halls of the bar are decorated with sports symbols and attributes, 20 large TV screens are spread throughout the room within the field of every visitor's vision. Also, there is a huge screen with easy chairs in front of it, so it seems that you are watching the game of your team at the cinema. The venue serves Russian and European cuisine. You will be offered tasty burgers, classic snacks to accompany the beer, sausage, and fries, and many other delicacies. The variety of draft beer and cider is great. 

Pub & bar
Sports' BAR 84
#549 of 2100 pubs & bars in Saint Petersburg, Russia
Address: Batayskiy Pereulok, 3а, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 190013
Phone number: +78123352270
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Bar 17

You will see figure 17 almost everywhere in this sports bar: the name, menu prices, and the number of the screens to watch sports games are also 17. This is not by accident. This number is well-known for all the hockey lovers, it is the number of the legendary USSR hockey player Valeri Kharlamov. They even have a Hockey Hall of fame here. Though it seems, everything is connected entirely with hockey in the venue, the friendly staff is also glad to see football fans, especially during the FIFA World Cup 2018. The 17 sizeable screens are hanging throughout the bar in the way they could be seen to any visitor in the hall or at the bar. Watching broadcasts in the sports bar is always emotional because of the thrill of competition. Important matches are commented by professionals. The bar chart offers 17 sorts of draft beer, and the menu has 17 kinds of snacks. Also, you can taste dishes of American, Russian, and European cuisine, including meat specialties, steaks, and various sausages.

Pub & bar
#359 of 2100 pubs & bars in Saint Petersburg, Russia
Address: Mytninskaya Ulitsa, 4/48, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 191024
Phone number: +79213632744
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The venue styles itself as a restaurant of European cuisine and not a sports bar. Despite this, it is one of the best places to watch broadcasts of the World Cup 2018 matches. The restaurant is located on the territory of a football stadium and provides a panoramic view on the football field. Their motto is "Eat and sport!" And they offer 9 big TV screens and 2 immense projector screens to watch the games and cheer on your favorite team, as well as appetizing dishes of Russian and European cuisine to enjoy. The menu also presents various snacks and good bottled beer. Regular specials for fans are available.

#609 of 5622 restaurants in Saint Petersburg, Russia
Address: Grazhdanskiy Prospekt, 100Б, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 195265
Phone number: +78124078586
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Oh, Sport!

The popular sports bar in the style of an underground that has recently moved to a new place is imbued with the atmosphere of football. Oh, Sport! is the endeavor of the sports journalist and football commentator Feodor Pogorelov. Nothing will distract you from watching the game here, with the possible exception of comments: they often invite professionals to comment on a match, as well as let beginners try themselves. Matches are broadcasted on an enormous screen viewable from every corner of the venue. The bar chart offers a variety of cocktails, shots, spirits, craft beer and cider. The menu card includes such items as hamburgers, steaks, sausages, salads, soups, cold and hot appetizers.

Pub & bar
Oh Sports
#160 of 2100 pubs & bars in Saint Petersburg, Russia
Address: 26, Ulitsa Kuybysheva, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 197198
Phone number: +79315811255
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Ring O'Bells

The Irish pub Ring O'Bells has a typical English interior and is decorated with the flags of different football teams. The screen matches regularly here and, of course, will broadcast the matches of the World Cup. There are not many screens in the venue, but all of them are large and placed conveniently. The pub has a menu of four cuisines: Russian, European, American and Mexican. You can taste various dishes from Siberian pelmeni and steak with salad to hamburgers and fajitas. The bar chart includes 20 sorts of beer from across Europe, as well as wide selection of spirits and cocktails.

Pub & bar, Restaurant
Ring O’Bells
#268 of 2100 pubs & bars in Saint Petersburg, Russia
Address: Kolokol'naya Ulitsa, 4, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 191025
Phone number: +78127642289
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The list of hookah lounges, pubs and bars, and restaurants to watch the games of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Saint Petersburg is great. We've tried to tell about most popular ones and impressive to our mind. Come down to Russia's northern capital to watch and play football, and have a chance to admire twilight all night. The phenomenon of nature takes place from June 11 to July 2 this year.

Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg
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