Best sports bars in Moscow to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018

Best sports bars in Moscow to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018

by Miles Greene

Pretty soon and for a whole month, Russia will become the epicenter of the most important event in the world of sports in 2018. 11 cities will host more than 200 FIFA World Cup players, with Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Volgograd and Kazan among others. 

The championship opening will be held in the capital with a match between the national teams of Russia and Saudi Arabia. Following the results of the draw, the schedule of other matches is as follows:

Luzhniki stadium
June 14
6 p.m. Group A. Saudi Arabia – Russia
June 17
6 p.m. Group F. Germany – Mexico
June 20
3 p.m. Group B. Portugal – Morocco
June 26
5 p.m. Group C. Denmark – France
Otkritie Stadium
June 16
4 p.m. Group D. Argentina – Iceland
June 19
3 p.m. Group H. Poland – Senegal
June 23
3 p.m. Group G. Belgium – Tunisia
June 27
9 p.m. Group E. Serbia – Brazil

Today, we’ll be your guide to those places in Moscow, where you’ll be able to – at the top of your lungs and from the deep your heart – cheer yourselves hoarse for your favorite team, player or country. The bars that we have selected for you present everything a real fan needs - huge screens, excellent menus, and friendly staff.

John Donne

For the fans of Saudi Arabia, whose national team will set foot on the Luzhniki Stadium first – to play with the Russian team – we’ve found a wonderful pub, already waiting with open arms and green flags. When you hear the word "pub" your imagination undoubtedly draws an image of a bar in the British style, with a dark wood paneling. Just like the John Donne pub. The bar chart is quite diverse; it includes dozens of types of English and Belgian beer, ale, and cocktails. But the main advantage of this place is the huge screens for the broadcast of all the significant matches and events of the sports world.

Pub & bar, Restaurant
John Donne Pub
#756 of 10146 restaurants in Moscow, Russia
Address: Nikitsky Blvd, 12, Moscow, Russia, 119019
Phone number: +79688577573
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Liga Pap

Another great spot for fans is the Liga Pap sports bar. This place has become a legend among the establishments of its class. Patrons are seated on the real football stands with huge plasma screens hung throughout the bar. Famous sportscasters are invited for the top events, which keeps the true sporting spirit alive in the “Liga Pap” bar. Convenient zoning of the hall and regular seasonal menu renewal provides maximum comfort and a pleasant pastime for those who support the native team "in style"!

New Arena Liga Pap
#1542 of 10146 restaurants in Moscow, Russia
Address: Krasnoproletarskaya Ulitsa, 16, Moscow, Russia, 127473
Phone number: +74957830515
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When the time comes to root for the German national team, their fans will surely explore most of the bars in Moscow, but still, we have something to surprise them with! Hooters has already become a legend among fans of real American bars. The bar is located in the heart of Moscow and visitors can find everything that they need to spend a great football time - a variety of food and drinks and huge screens for broadcast.

#1393 of 10146 restaurants in Moscow, Russia
Address: Zlatoustinskiy Bol'shoy Pereulok, 9, Moscow, Russia, 101000
Phone number: +74956230003
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Bryus bar

Fans of Serbian team rejoice! We’ve found a place just for you! Bryus bar is a great place not only for those who like sports events but also for those who want to have a good time. This bar is dominated by the Serbian cuisine, and an extensive bar chart includes a variety of elite alcohol for any taste. Sample tastings of whiskey or rum are quite frequent in the Bruce bar and in the evenings you can listen to live music.

Pub & bar
#1 of 3154 pubs & bars in Moscow, Russia
Address: Bryusov Pereulok, 2/14, стр. 1, Moscow, Russia, 125009
Phone number: +74959697389
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Bobby Dazzler

Bobby Dazzler is another ideal place for football fans. Here you’ll an excellent selection of craft beer, the most delicious sausages and a polite and attentive staff. Usually, the spot is taken over by Manchester United fans, but during the Championship Bobby Dazzler owners welcome the most loyal fans of all countries to enjoy the game and taste simple but delicious and healthy dishes from the leading chefs of Moscow.

Pub & bar, Restaurant
Bobby Dazzler
#93 of 10146 restaurants in Moscow, Russia
Address: Kostyanskiy Pereulok, 7, Moscow, Russia, 107045
Phone number: +74956080383
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The list of Moscow bars can go on forever! Any football fan will definitely find a place to show his or her patriotism and cheer wholeheartedly for the favorite team.

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