Famous Hollywood restaurants in Los Angeles

by Miles Greene
Updated July 14, 2017
Famous Hollywood restaurants in Los Angeles

The City of Angels has many faces, constantly changing with the times but strongly keeping its traditions. When that hot California sun sets over the Hollywood sign people come out to have a good square meal. Simple or fancy – LA has it all. Let’s have a look at the hottest restaurants around to take your loved one for a romantic dinner or a cozy late night coffee!

If only walls could speak

Musso & Frank GrillMusso & Frank Grill

Los Angeles is choke full of historical places to visit. Sometimes those double as ‘must go’ restaurants as well, such as the famous hundred years old Musso & Frank Grill. Right across the street from the old Screen Writers Guild on Hollywood Blvd is the best place to try an old-school martini and the juiciest steak in town!


Book the Marilyn Monroe’s favorite booth and order a porterhouse steak to soak in the atmosphere. The rich flavor of the strip and the tenderness of the fillet is a time capsule in itself – carefully preserved since the times of Charlie Chaplin. The spot is also considered to be one of the best Italian restaurants in LA. So rest assured that your veal Bolognese and cheese ravioli with mushroom sauce are going to be top notch as well. Oh, and don’t forget to try the drinks!

A pinch of salt and Providence


There are many fancy seafood restaurants in LA, but none of those even come close to Providence. The design of the place resembles a weird combination of a vintage fisherman’s boat and a modernist salon with nets on the ceiling. Movie stars and football players casually eat their Crab Wontons and Santa Barbara Spot Prawns at the nearby tables, as Chef Michael Cimarusti proudly strolls between.

King SalmonKing Salmon


The Columbia River King Salmon is to die for! Fresh, savory, heavenly delicious, served with Brentwood corn, pancetta and a variety of garden herbs it practically kills with taste. More! – you cry and they pull the cheese cart next to you. More! They bring in a bottle of the finest white wine. More! They put a plate of Black Forests of Nice (which is the finest cherry ice-cream you’ve ever tasted) and you are done for! Sure, the prices are astronomical, but Providence is not just an haute cuisine restaurant – it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

All about cats and tongues

The Hungry CatThe Hungry Cat

Here’s another seafood joint but with a radically different spin. The Hungry Cat is a little gourmet restaurant – north on Vine – that offers tapas-style seafood dishes with strong East Coast flashbacks.   

Clam chowderClam chowder

Pug burgerPug burger

The tiny room is always crowded, but there are shaded tables outside. The menu varies from light snacks to a hearty clam chowder and roasted barramundi. If you feel particularly hungry – the piquant grilled whole striped bass, served with saffron basmati rice, fresh vegetables, and chermoula is an instant remedy. Not too keen on fish? That's ok - meat lovers will adore the HC's 'pug burger', which is equally delish! The place can also boast of a variety of cheeses and a nice and tidy bar, serving both wine and shooters. The prices are a bit towards the expensive side, but the food itself and the ever-friendly staff neatly balance out the cost.   

Get your foot in the door

The Little DoorThe Little Door

What do Miley Cyrus and Dave Grohl have in common? Well, they both have a knack for an occasional lunch or dinner at The Little Door in West Hollywood! Even though the place has ‘little’ in the title – there’s absolutely nothing 'small' about it.

Tuna TartareTuna Tartare

Beet saladBeet salad

The fantastic décor, resembling a marriage between the Provence and the Midwestern styles is only a half of the equation. The other half – the mixture of haute French, Mediterranean and American cuisines fail to disappoint. It is a palette of taste: lamb, oysters, beef, chicken, a heavenly couscous, and the best goat cheese tart around. Try the grilled marinated Mediterranean white sea bass, served with caper, lemon, and basil! Its rich and full flavor will get you to the Moon – guaranteed! The service is impeccable, proving time and time again that The Little Door is one of the most charming and romantic places in the city.

There are a lot of good restaurants in Los Angeles, but what’s good in reading when you can be tasting? Get in the car, the train, the boat, the plane and come see for yourself what Hollywood tastes like!

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