Food culture in Kazan

Food culture in Kazan

by Violette Morel

Sodium alginate is not from the school chemistry course, echpochmak is not from the speech therapist's office, and qistibi... Can you guess what qistibi might be? You'll soon find out all these things can be met in the third capital of Russia, the capital of Tatarstan, a city with more than a thousand-year history, Kazan. Here, men are not only at the head of the family but at the head of many restaurants. Have you ever heard about Kazan? 


In spite of the fact that the restaurant is decorated in the Provence style, don’t get embarrassed - they serve the best dishes of Russian and Tatarian cuisine. For example, visitors often order a famous echpochmak - a triangle of dough stuffed with potatoes and meat. Here you can spend your time enjoying the cozy interior and pleasant atmosphere. Polite staff attracts a lot of visitors.

It is worth noting that the restaurant opens early in the morning, so you can come here for a quick and tasty breakfast. Order omelet or something more significant. They cook quickly, deliciously and with a soul. And what else do we need for being happy?

Cafe, Restaurant
#2 of 164 Italian restaurants in Kazan , Russia
Address: Moskovskaya Ulitsa, 24, Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia, 420111
Phone number: +78432475777
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AiNi Lounge

Street food is right on in Kazan, the food here is cooked with soul, but sometimes you wish to enjoy something special, experience some culinary delights. In that case, go to one of the most interesting places - a unique restaurant in the city where the main feature is the magical cooking of masterpieces of molecular cuisine.

It's simple: you enter the address of the restaurant into the navigator, drive up there and immerse yourself into the world of liquid nitrogen and glass forms. Local chef Dmitry Stoch manages the textures in a skillful way turning traditional national dishes (for example, Tatarian tokmach noodle soup) into works of gastronomic art. It's the result of being devoted to his favorite job and dedicating all his time to it.

Pub & bar
AiNi House
Address: ул.Академика Сахарова, 22а, Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia
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Big Butcher Grill

Steak fillet Mignon, steak T-bone, steak from the butcher, steak, steak, steak... It's not a scanty choice or lack of imagination, but a specialized menu with professionals in the open kitchen right in front of the visitors, who are not afraid but really fond of communicating with their guests face to face. Of course, the menu is wider than just three above-mentioned dishes, but the main thing here never changes -  love for meat. The bar is located in a historic building with an authentic interior.

It is worth mentioning presentable serving. Everything is balanced and selected in perfect proportions, so reviews about this restaurant are mostly positive. Bartenders will prepare strong cocktails for real men and will offer to select the perfect wine for the companion's dish.

Chef Alfred Khayrullin is the one who will cook the perfect steak from the butcher. In my opinion, it is always pleasant when you are given plenty of options: you can rely on the chef's opinion and order a steak for his taste or ask him for this particular piece of beef to be done for your taste.

BBQ, Steakhouse
Big Butcher grill
#1 of 142 BBQs in Kazan , Russia
Address: Pushkin St, 54/1, Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia, 420015
Phone number: +79872260966
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Dom Tatarskoy Kulinarii

That's exactly how I see a true Tatarian interior with all its rich decorations, high arches and glass mosaic insets on the roof. Awesome lamb dumplings (called ‘manti’), sweet chak-chak, appetizing echpochmak, and homemade qistibi are cooked here following the traditional ancient Tatarian recipes. A famous cook Yunus Akhmetzyanov made it possible since he carefully collected and wrote them down so that the rich heritage is not lost with the passage of time.

This treasure of home-made dishes is situated on Bauman Street - one of the oldest streets in Kazan. It’s an interesting place to plunge into the local flavor and order, for example, a dish made of horsemeat. Local people, as well as tourists, like to come here. How to distinguish between them? It’s easy! Locals rattle off the names of dishes fast and naturally. Well-trained staff also leaves a pleasant impression.

By the way, on the ground floor of the restaurant, there is a museum in honor of Yunus Ahmetzyanov. Do you know what the secret of home cooking at this restaurant is? It’s literally home cooking! In the beginning of his career, the famous chef invited housewives to his restaurant and carefully wrote down their recipes. A really thorough approach, isn’t it?

Дом татарской кулинарии
#147 of 1506 restaurants in Kazan , Russia
Address: Bauman St, 31/12, Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia, 420111
Phone number: +78432927070
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What to choose? Where to go in Kazan? What to order? I hope we made your choice a little easier. Bon Appetit!

P.S. So what is it about sodium alginate? The answer is simple: it is used when cooking dishes of molecular cuisine in AiNi House.

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