Four best restaurants in Moscow

Four best restaurants in Moscow

by Miles Greene

Moscow is able to surprise even the most sophisticated gourmet, regardless of his or her tastes and preferences. Today’s feature is about four unforgettable places that are a must for everyone – a local or a tourist – who wants to truly experience the taste of the Russia’s capital. Ready? Let’s go!

1. A café with a capital C
A café with a capital C

Originating from the Latin verb venari, meaning “to hunt,” the term was originally applied to different game meats including deer, rabbits, goats and pigs, but in recent centuries has narrowed down almost exclusively to deer. In terms of taste and texture, venison is quite similar to beef, but with some subtle differences: while beef is generally fattier and more succulent, venison has a richer, earthier taste because of the deer’s wilder diet of acorns, sage and herbs. Like beef, venison can be categorised into several cuts and categories, including roast, sirloin, tenderloin and ribs. It can also be ground or cured to make venison sausages, burgers and jerky.

#8 of 14230 cafes in Moscow
Tverskoy Blvd, 26А, Moscow, Russia, 125009
Photo from Restaurant Guru
Photo from Restaurant Guru

Calling the spot a “café” would be a mistake. In actuality, Café Pushkin is a restaurant on the Tverskoy boulevard revered both for its exquisite décor and distinctly Russian cuisine. Six comfortable salons and a summer terrace take you back to the beginning of the 20th century – the time of lacquered apothecary tables and gilded folios. The stylized menu matches the ambiance perfectly and can boast of a variety of meat and fish dishes.

Fresh sturgeon, rabbit, as well as dishes from venison and elk, won’t leave you indifferent – we guarantee that you'll love the Beef Stroganoff in sour cream sauce with potatoes "a la Pushkin", it is an ageless classic. A rich wine list, live music, excellent service and a unique atmosphere - all these things make Pushkin an ideal place for a romantic dinner. However, if you suddenly ask for a plate of Olivier salad, pelmeni or a coulibiac – Pushkin can offer all these dishes. The place is suitable both for a hearty breakfast and a stylish business lunch. Be warned that the prices are pretty steep though. 

2. Let's talk about Chinese food
Let's talk about Chinese food
Peking duck

Peking duck is a famous Chinese dish that has been prepared the same way since the Imperial era. The whole duck is roasted until it gets thin and crispy skin, then the dish is served with thin steamed pancakes, spring onions, and bean sauce.

Chinese, Japanese, Asian
Oruzheynyy Pereulok, 13/1, Moscow, Russia, 125047
Photo from Restaurant Guru
Photo from Restaurant Guru
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Many consider Chinese cuisine very simple or even 'fast food'. Indeed, it is quite difficult to appreciate it in its variety and beauty while ordering WOK noodles to the office. However, the chefs at the Tan restaurant are more than capable to make you change your mind!

This cozy place is like a small piece of Beijing: rich interiors decorated in the shades of red and gold colors, porcelain and dim lights. They bring a menu, and suddenly you are at a loss. Don’t worry, we are here for you! To begin with, we order a roll of pork ears with sweet and sour sauce and a serving of salad with marinated lotus root - this will bring up the appetite. Next, we can order some sweet and sour pork, a sour and spicy chicken soup with muer and xiang gu mushrooms or a peking duck. When we're done with the main course, it’s time to order some light dimsums with spinach and branded spices. A pot of jasmine tea and caramelized Chinese cookies will complement the meal perfectly. The entourage is ideal for a quiet conversation, and even though the service is fairly quick you won’t call it fast food ever again!

3. Steak, Russian-style
Steak, Russian-style

A steak is a a slice of high-quality beef that is grilled or pan-fried. It is distinguished by strong flavor and an awesome smell of smoke. Steak is great with just a dash of salt and pepper, however, you can also add dried herbs, olive oil, lemon juice, or garlic.

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Russian, American, European, Steakhouses
Ulitsa Prechistenka, 4, Moscow, Russia, 119034
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Photo from Restaurant Guru
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Now it's time to talk about meat. Searching for a piece of the perfect juicy steak in Moscow can take quite a long time, or you can always go for the Bulava steak at the Voronezh restaurant.

The spot is described as "a restaurant of Russian provinces", and indeed, the menu is full of various traditional Russian dishes, but we suggest you open the meat section. They cook steaks here – the way you rarely see even in the best steakhouse in the city! Folks at Voronezh understand that the taste and the richness of the dish depend on the degree of roasting and on what exact piece has been taken for the cut. Shoulder, fillet, rib, neck, a thin or a thick piece of fresh beef – the gastronomic anatomy as it is! If you are really hungry – a portion of steaming succulent steak, like "Muromets" or "Bulava" from a piece of marble beef is what you need. Those who prefer their meat tender will appreciate the steamed brisket steak in the barbecue sauce or the coal-roasted lamb. Just don’t forget to order a glass of red Tuscan!

4. Sushi and Vivaldi
Sushi and Vivaldi

Sushi is a Japanese dish extremely popular around the world. Sushi is made of raw fish, seaweed called nori, and rice mixed with a dressing prepared using rice vinegar, sugar, and salt.

#74 of 16887 restaurants in Moscow
Pan Asian, Asian, Sushi
Tverskoy Blvd, 26, Стр. 3, Moscow, Russia, 125009
Photo from Restaurant Guru
Photo from Restaurant Guru

Sushi and Japanese cuisine for that matter is no longer something special. Everyone has a restaurant or a favorite delivery service but wants something unusual once in a while. Off we go to the Turandot restaurant to taste delicious sushi.

The place amazes with the luxury of the décor and the eclectic menu. The restaurant specializes in Asian and European cuisine, reviving the traditions of palace festivals of the 17-18 centuries at the same time. Chefs really know how to cook and deliver stunning sushi, rolls, and sashimi. Exquisite serving, tender red slightly sweetish ginger, wasabi and the selected soy sauce make every meal a real ceremony. Perfectly cooked rice and fresh tender eel, tuna or salmon, slightly grilled, melt in your mouth, turning into a symphony of taste. The size of portions and good service impress guests. It doesn’t matter what it will be - a rainbow roll under red caviar or a hot spring roll with mango, scallops, and shrimps - nobody leaves hungry! And if your companions prefer Ribeye steak medium roast to Philadelphia - you just need to ask.

There are in fact so many great restaurants in Moscow that it is simply impossible to cover them all at once. And yet, here’s a great start in the search for your "very own" spot in the capital. Bon appétit!

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Four best restaurants in Moscow