Good places to eat in Houston

by Miles Greene
Updated July 14, 2017
Good places to eat in Houston

The Lone Star State is not just endless prairies, bowing oil derricks and countless herds of cattle under the hot southern sun. It is also a hub for science, music, art, and cuisine. Houston, being the fourth largest city in the US has a lot of peculiar and, at times, pretty astounding and great places to eat and drink at. Let’s have a look at some of the best restaurants in the “Space City” and see what they have to offer.  

The meat of Houston

Pappas Bros. SteakhousePappas Bros. Steakhouse

Texas is the largest beef supplier in the US – no wonder steakhouses are practically on every corner! Locals may have their favorites, but if you're new in town and want to try the best steak in Houston - Pappas Bros. Steakhouse is the place.


Beefsteak tomato and onion saladBeefsteak tomato and onion salad

What’s so special about the spot? Well, the portions are huge and everything from lamb chops to turtle soup and live Maine lobster is splendid and delicious beyond belief. The wine selection is also superb but we’re here for the steak and it’s worth every penny! Sweet, tender, medium rare or hellishly roasted to your preference Bone-In Prime Ribeye is to die for! You get to pick and choose a piece of the finest Texan beef yourself. The staff will prepare and serve your steak to the minutest detail! Don’t forget to order mashed potatoes and a bottle of red, to get that sweet and authentic feel of the Old Frontier.

The French wind of Texas

Le MistralLe Mistral

What could be more eclectic than a touch of Haute French cuisine in the heart of Texas? Shouldn’t work, you say? Well, Le Mistral with its award-winning French chef David Denis is at your service!

Roasted free-range chicken breastRoasted free-range chicken breast

Fresh raspberries with raspberry coulis & rosemary whipped creamFresh raspberries with raspberry coulis & rosemary whipped cream

Everything here from the neatly served tables to the modest smiles of the staff whispers “conservative French” and that’s what Le Mistral really is. Exquisite Provence-style dishes are served with aplomb and elegance, making the place perfect for a date or a special occasion. Start with a plate of smoked Atlantic salmon and in-house baked buns. A portion of wild mushroom soup with garlic whipped cream is a great follow-up. Finally, order the signature Veal Osso Bucco with aged parmesan risotto and crimini mushrooms. Here’s your recipe for a stunning Le Mistral experience! Oh, and don’t forget about desserts, as the fresh raspberries with rosemary whipped cream are heavenly delicious!

Houston, we’ve got a solution

Arturo Boada CuisineArturo Boada Cuisine

If you prefer a place less posh but with a unique romantic charm – take your loved one to Arturo Boada Cuisine in West Houston! This tiny Italian chef-owned restaurant has everything you need and much, much more if dare to take a ride this far!

Sashimi tunaSashimi tuna


Pizza and pasta are long-time Italian staples, but Chef Boada – like every respectable chef – adds his own spin on the seemingly boring menu. The hearty Fettuccine and shrimp with a generous amount of creamy cilantro pesto sauce are outstanding! The signature oven-made pizza Margherita – simply titled “Why Not” – is also a delight. Those seeking for a lighter snack will find the tapas menu pretty welcoming, and, as everywhere in Houston, the beef is always on the grill. Don’t leave the place until you try Boada's creme brûlée! You’ll thank me later.

Lewis Carroll and the Gulf of Mexico

Brennan's of HoustonBrennan's of Houston

It seems like every modern restaurant in Houston tries to outdo its competitors by mixing and matching different popular types of food, while recreating specific atmosphere. Well, none of them does it better than Brennan's of Houston in Midtown. Where else can you enjoy the finest Creole and Southern seafood dishes in a hall belonging to Victorian England?!

Chargrilled OystersChargrilled Oysters

Shrimp ChippewaShrimp Chippewa

All the seafood comes straight from the Gulf of Mexico, so you can rest assured that it’s fresh. The fried soft-shell crab here – served with sautéed English peas and corn risotto – will make you cry tears of joy! As for the Creole part of the menu... here’s a bunch of Louisiana flashbacks: fried frog legs, turtle soup au sherry, fried green tomato ravigote and wood-grilled oysters. Every dish has a unique flavor and the staff will gladly help you with a choice – just don’t be afraid to ask! Grilled pork and lamb chops are also on the menu if you’re not in the mood to experiment. The Brennan’s is famous for holding special events every now and then, among which the “Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea” is the most interesting. You are welcome to try a variety of selected teas with Carroll-inspired desserts but… don’t forget your hat!

There are lots of other top rated restaurants in Houston, and we haven’t even scratched the surface! African and Mediterranean, Japanese and Polish, Argentinean and Indian... but always with a distinct Southern vide! Now get there, try what you can and let your palate be the judge!

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