Hong Kong: the mixture of world cuisines

Hong Kong: the mixture of world cuisines

by Nova Vozrak

If you’ve been to Hong Kong, you know on your personal experience that its cuisine is influenced by Cantonese, British, Western, Chinese, Japan and some other cuisines. They all are reflected in the dishes served here in restaurants. Sometimes it is called “Gourmet Paradise” for endless possibilities of choice and tastes. The most popular dishes ordered here are wontons and dim sum, so do not miss the opportunity to try them when you come here.

Coming to Hong Kong for the first time, order dim sum. The dish is made in the form of bit-size portions served in steamer baskets or on plates of a small size. Dim sum is usually paired with tea. There is also a tradition of having endless cups of tea and dim sum which is called yum cha in Cantonese. The filling may be different: beef, chicken, pork, prawns, etc. Usually the dish serves as breakfast or brunch. The best dim sum is served at Yan Toh Heen.

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If you are more fond of dunplings, try wontons which are made with pork or shrimps with garlic and spices. A square wrapper is spread flat in the palm of one’s hand, then a small amount of filling is put into the center and a desired form is shaped, the extra air is pressed out of the wrap to avoid destruction when cooked.  They are usually boiled or deep fried. Come to Qi House of Sichuan to enjoy this tasty dish.

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Hong Kong: the mixture of world cuisines