Istanbul: two world parts in one city

Istanbul: two world parts in one city

by Nova Vozrak

Istanbul stands on two world parts – Europe and Asia. Here, you can find almost any dishes you dream of testing. Yet, coming here, as you have the chance, choose the national ones, for example, lentil soup or dolma. You can order the variants you may not find in Turkish restaurants in other parts of the world.

Hot soups light up your mood. If you come to Turkey, make sure to try lentil soup (Mercimek çorbası). This dish may be vegetarian or have meat. It can be of different colours due to the lentils used: brown, red, yellow, or black. If you want a thick soup order the yellow or red variant. Go to Café Privato to try it perfectly cooked.

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Café Privato
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Address: Tımarcı Sk. No:3, Istanbul, İstanbul, Turkey
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Unusual dishes may be very appetizing. If you want to try something new, try dolma in vine leaves. It is usually made with meat or rice. Pickled vine leaves are used for it and add a pleasant salty tone to the taste. The dish is served warm and may be paired with tahini or egg-lemon sauce. As meat is wrapped in the leaves the dish consists of bite-size pieces - dolmas, it works nicely as an appetizer. Visit Constantine's Ark to try it.

Constantine's Ark
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Address: İbni Kemal Cd. No:13, Istanbul, İstanbul, Turkey
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Istanbul: two world parts in one city