Phuket: the land of relaxation

Phuket: the land of relaxation

by Nova Vozrak

Phuket is a collection of islands in the Andaman Sea. When you come here you dive into salty air, clean water, and warm sun rays. The dishes are as welcoming as your surroundings and should definitely be degusted. Do order laab and fried chicken when traveling to Thailand.

Get recharged with sun and food. When you come to this bright country, you should taste the national dishes as these are to be long remembered afterward. For those of you who love meat, laab will be a perfect choice. It is made of minced and fried meat with spices and chili. It is usually served with papaya salad and sticky rice, or as an appetizer. Visit Suay to enjoy the best variant.

Suay Restaurant
#3 of 2674 restaurants in Phuket , Thailand
Address: 50/2 Takuapa Rd, Phuket, Thailand
Phone number: +66878886990
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Poultry is tasty in all variants. When stopping for a dinner, remember to try the fried chicken dish. You can have it in two variants: deep-fried and juicy. Both are tasty, but the deep-fried variety has the crown as it is crusty and golden. It may be served with vegetables and a spicy sauce. Do try it! Come to Kopitiam to enjoy the crusty bites.

#5 of 70 restaurants with desserts in Phuket , Thailand
Address: 114/4 Patiphat Rd, Phuket, Thailand
Phone number: 6676213511
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Phuket: the land of relaxation