Stockholm: the Swedish food diamond

Stockholm: the Swedish food diamond

by Nova Vozrak

Stockholm, as you know, is the capital of Sweden, in both culture and food. Almost one million people live there and it is the most populous in all Nordic countries, not only Sweden. It is situated on the Baltic Sea and surrounded by water. Here, the new Scandinavian cuisine was born, the one that makes the products available in the region sparkle with taste. The sea breezes and unusual eateries will make you remember the city and its flavor. Speaking of where to have a meal after an inspiring walk among the sights, museums, and ports, go through the list below to find a place that will make you enjoy your stay in Stockholm and enjoy the dishes from the list below.

Herring sandwiches

First of all, try the traditional herring sandwiches. The herring is always accompanied by the red onion, be it served separately with pickled cucumbers and greens or on a slice of bread with mustard. The fish is first fried, then it is put on a slice of bread with the addition of onion and other needed ingredients.

Nystekt strömming
#5 of 1321 fast food in Stockholm , Sweden
Address: Kornhamnstorg 1, Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden
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If you do not like open sandwiches, it is possible to order creamed potatoes and have a more substantial meal with the local flavor. The cream is prepared in advance from different ingredients, and there is always an option to add a side of pork. Stockholm chefs take great effort to make a simple concept exciting in its execution.

Skagen toast

In case you are fond of shrimps, it is a must to try the Skagen toast – one more variant of a shrimp sandwich. This dish is perfect for a light meal. Fresh shrimps and whitefish caviar are the main ingredients of the dish together with the fried white bread. Shrimps are cut into pieces and mixed with lemon, mayonnaise, and spices. The serving is very beautiful: the caviar is put on top of the shrimp salad with a side of fried bread.

Desserts, Restaurant
Lisa Elmqvist
#1 of 1197 seafood restaurants in Stockholm , Sweden
Address: Östermalms Saluhall, Humlegårdsgatan 1, Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden
Phone number: +46855340400
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If you’d like something other than a sandwich, try the local shrimp salad. It is carefully made with the freshest deliveries and presented with a selection of accompanying sauces. Eсcentric as it may sound, Stockholm restaurants have a tradition of serving this salad with caviar and Lisa Elmqvist is no exception.


Being in Sweden, you may have heard the word kroppkaka – a funny name for a very delicious dish. It is made of potatoes, meat, and spices. Meatballs are filled and boiled. The batter is made of boiled potatoes, powder and spices, which is then wrapped around a cold filling. The dish is served with cranberries and melted butter, which is then split over the balls to brighten the taste.

Nalle & Kroppkakan
#636 of 7412 restaurants in Stockholm , Sweden
Address: Svandammsvägen 41, Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden
Phone number: 4687529933
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If you like more unusual dishes, order dumplings – the dish that serves as a magnificent meal. It is ideal in salt and oil amounts and is to be remembered for its taste. Meat is wrapped in a special batter and boiled. One of the best places to try various dishes is Nalle & Kroppkakan. Come here and you will enjoy your visit.


Swedish meatballs are world-famous and you may even know how to cook them, but the ones made on the basis of the most original recipe can be degusted here, in Stockholm. They are made of ground beef, white bread bits, milk, and eggs. They are usually served with potato mash.

Stockholms Gästabud
#21 of 7412 restaurants in Stockholm , Sweden
Address: Österlånggatan 7, Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden
Phone number: 468219921
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Speaking of mashed potatoes, this is a perfect siding for meat dishes, like the one above. It is made of boiled potatoes, milk, butter and spices. The perfectly cooked mash fades on your tongue leaving an unforgettable delicious aftertaste. Visit Gästabud to order the largest meatballs in the city with an ideal siding.


It may be interesting to try the well-known wallenbergare which appeared in the middle of the twentieth century. It is made of ground veal, eggs, and whipped cream which form a very delicate and unusual taste. It drastically differs from all other burger cutlets you know. It is usually served with green beans.

Pub & bar, Restaurant
#192 of 7412 restaurants in Stockholm , Sweden
Address: Mäster Samuelsgatan 4, Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden
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If you love steaks, order ribeye – you will truly enjoy its taste and, probably, will want to return for more. It is made of the best and most tender beef meat – from sixth to twelfth ribs. The dishes made unique recipes await you at Prinsen.


In case you are fond of fast food dishes, you will like the Swedish variant of the well-known cheeseburger dish. It is made of local beef and has nothing extra, only meat cutlet, onion, cheese, and soft bread. The crusty sides are one of the secrets that make this dish unforgettably tasty.

Flippin' Burgers
#140 of 2327 pubs & bars in Stockholm , Sweden
Address: Observatoriegatan 8, Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden
Phone number: 4686540300
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If you are sure one burger won’t be enough for you, order cheese fries – the dish will be crispy, full of appetizing aroma, and served hot. Potatoes cooked this way are topped with cheese sauce which makes the dish have a very delicate taste. These dishes are best at Flippin’ Burgers.

Cinnamon rolls

One of the iconic kinds of food a Stockholm native will remember from their childhood is the cinnamon roll his grandmother used to make. The popular local restaurant Fabrique specializes in many traditional varieties of sandwiches for both the most casual and most particular tastes. The aroma of the dish is associated with family evenings. Soft buns with cinnamon are a perfect pair to a cup of a hot drink, be it tea or coffee.

#51 of 3671 cafes in Stockholm , Sweden
Address: Rosenlundsgatan 28, Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden
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Fika cookies

If it is a dessert you have your mind set on, there’s is always an option to have a coffee break in the middle of a busy or leisure-filled day and have some of the best local espresso at Vete-Katten.

Cafe, Desserts, Restaurant
#52 of 1920 coffeehouses in Stockholm , Sweden
Address: Kungsgatan 55, Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden
Phone number: 468208405
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There, you will also find delicious traditional Fika cookies, still warm when served on your plate. For something more substantial but no less pleasant, go for brioche buns. Despite the busy traffic of a popular urban cafe, the experience is sure to leave you feeling comfortable, as if you were having a nice quiet lunch with friends.

King crab

To get a truly Swedish experience, you have to try roasted celeriac. The traditional way to make it is with milk curds and fish eggs. This is not a meal for a quick bite, as the celeriac must be prepared by baking it in the oven for hours, then fried it with vegetables and curds and decorated with caviar, but the labor always pays off.

Oaxen Krog
#7 of 7412 restaurants in Stockholm , Sweden
Address: Beckholmsvaegen 26, Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden, 115 21
Phone number: +46855153105
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Restaurants like Oaxen Krog, accessible by ferry transport, specialize in celeriac, and there’s no shortage of enthusiasts wishing to try the unique sweet, bitter and salty combination. Another Nordic dish deserving attention is the king crab, formerly rough, but now specifically conditioned for easy consumption by cracking its legs and shell to get to the meat easier.

Black pudding

If complex food combos are your thing, traditional Swedish black pudding is always a safe bet. At Tradition, it is made with apples, different fats, pork and a selection of spices. Some might find it shocking, but the “secret” ingredient is a healthy dose of pig’s blood to create the special taste and color.

#61 of 7412 restaurants in Stockholm , Sweden
Address: Österlånggatan 1, Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden
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A different way to go about it is by trying the local stew in many variations including the one with reindeer or the classic blood stew serving as the perfect counterpart to the black pudding. The hot, meaty meal fits perfectly with the rugged, but not shabby feel of the place when it turns into a place to have a good time at, even if the only thing you drink with your blood-soaked food is milk.

As you see, Stockholm is rich in places to be visited after you take a long walk around the city. If you have several days here, visit a number of places to understand the food culture of Sweden and to explore one of the ways Swedish enjoy their life in.

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