Switzerland: food with a collection of tastes

Switzerland: food with a collection of tastes

by Nova Vozrak

If you go to the north from Italy to the east from France and to the south from Germany at the same time, you will find yourself in Switzerland, a country in the Europe midlands beautified by mountains. It is world-known for its chocolate, but there is more to the country than that: tasty and unique cuisine. Being here make sure to try saffron risotto, landjäger, meat pies and some other of the popular and national dishes mentioned below.

Chicken Dippers

If you like chicken, you must try chicken dippers. The dish consists of chopped marinated chicken breasts, which are then covered with light batter and fried. They are perfect with various sauces and sidings, like vegetables. They are also good to be eaten on the go but are better enjoyed at Restaurant Glacier.

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Address: Endweg 55, Grindelwald, Canton of Bern, Switzerland
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Saffron risotto

Switzerland cuisine was influenced by many cultures surrounding it. A good example is saffron risotto which has Italian roots. To make this dish, take Carnaroli rice, white onions, saffron, vegetable broth, spices, and Parmesan. If you taste it once, you will order it again. Come to Au Petit Chalet for the memorable experience.

Au petit chalet
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Address: Rue de Berne 17, Geneva, Switzerland
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Cordon bleu

Cordon bleu is a unique dish which is actually a schnitzel wrap. The meat is wrapped around cheese, breaded and pan- or deep-fried. You may try pork, veal or chicken variant. The term is of French origin and means “blue ribbon”, but the schnitzel variant was invented in Switzerland in the middle of the twentieth century. Order this schnitzel variant at Gertrudhof and you won’t regret.

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In this country, fondue (a delicate cheese dish) is usually paired with Bon Pere William (the regional Swiss brandy) forming a perfect match. To cook the ideal fondue, take two hard sorts of cheese and melt them in hot wine and add spices. When it is ready you may enjoy it dipping bread or vegetables into it. If you do not want to spend time on cooking, go to dü Saas-Fee and enjoy its tender taste.

dü Saas-Fee
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Address: Untere G. 3, Saas Fee, Valais, Switzerland
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Those who like pies, namely open ones, should definitely try a quiche. You may choose one with a sweet feeling to have it with tea or coffee, or with meat or onion to eat with beer, for example. They may be of different sizes as well. Come to Findlerhof to enjoy Swiss traditional pastry.

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Address: Findeln, Zermatt, Valais, Switzerland
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Polenta was regarded as a meal for the poor for centuries as it is made of corn, a really cheap product. It is known from the seventeenth century, so, if you want to try a dish that hardly changed over the centuries, his one should be your choice. It may be a side dish as well as the main one with additives like mushrooms, meat, and others. Come to Grotto Bundi for the unique experience.

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Grotto Bundi
#1 of 104 restaurants in Mendrisio , Switzerland
Address: Viale alle Cantine 24, Mendrisio, Ticino, Switzerland
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If you are looking for a pastry that would be unique and tasty, try a pretzel. It has a golden-brown crust, usually covered with grains of salt.  It is believed that this dish originated among monks in the Early Middle Ages. This bread is formed from a long strip of dough which is intertwined and twisted back. Come to Linde for a crispy pretzel.

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Landjäger is a traditional Switzerland semi-dried sausage, which is also popular in Germany, Austria, and Alsace. It is usually eaten during hiking and used to be a soldier food as it keeps fresh for a long time without a refrigerator thanks to the preparation method and spices. It resembles dried salami in taste. Sometimes these sausages are boiled. Come to Löscher to try this dish.

Pub & bar
#61 of 993 restaurants in Bern , Switzerland
Address: Viktoriastrasse 70, Bern, Canton of Bern, Switzerland
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If you like cheese, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to try the traditional fried cheese snack while being in Switzerland. You will remember the malakoff dish delicate taste for quite a long time. It is made of Gruyère cheese. Swiss cheese is fried in the form of balls or sticks and becomes soft inside while being crusty and golden from the outside. It is best accompanied by cold drinks. De l'Union is always ready to offer its visitors the freshest dish of the Swiss cheese.

Cafe, Restaurant
De l'Union
#1 of 8 cafes in Bursins , Switzerland
Address: Route de la Perrette 2, Bursins, Vaud, Switzerland
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